The Top Ten Things that Set Shane Cook, Mesa, AZ Realtor Apart from Other Realtors: Part Two

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The Top Ten Things that Set Shane Cook, Mesa, AZ Realtor Apart from Other Realtors: Part Two

Thanks for checking out the first part of this three part blog on the Top Ten Things that set Shane Cook, Gilbert, AZ Realtor.  Here items 2 through 5.

2.  Experience with Distressed Properties

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Great bargains are now available inforeclosures, bank owned properties, and short sales. I have an intimate knowledge of this facet of the real estate field, and in the current climate this kind of know-how is especially invaluable to potential Mesa, Arizona home buyers.  

From 1998 to 2009 my companies purchased many foreclosed properties at auctions in 6 Western States, one of my companies from 2001 to 2010 was a hard money lender for investors in those same States, since 2007 as a Realtor I have represented many different banks or asset managers as the selling agent for their properties, since 2007 I have helped owner occupants purchase the bank owned assets, and I have helped investors purchase these same assets through foreclosure auctions and the local MLS.

From late 2008 through 2010 one of my businesses purchased and negotiated short sale purchases and resales for investment here in Mesa, Arizona.  The skills I learned, used, and taught to our team are used today as a Realtor every time I work with a buyer who looks at a short sale, which is almost always; and when a seller approaches mean about short selling their own home.  

3.  Local expertise

I have lived in this area of Arizona for more than 25 years. I graduated from Dobson High School in Mesa, AZ and presently reside in Gilbert, AZ along with my wife and son. This is our home, and we love it here.

4.  Knowledge of the Valley

I began investing in foreclosure properties in the late '90s and early '00s, and I know the real estate market in this part of the country like the back of my hand. Admittedly, that sounds a little bit like boasting, but it happens to be true.  During the peak years, our business bought and sold thousands of homes in Arizona and during the early years one of my jobs was to drive the valley looking at homes all day every day.  The Phoenix, AZ metro area is always growing, and I do my best to keep up with it.

5.  My vast experience working with banks

I am confident that if you ask any of the banks I have had the opportunity to work with over the last few years on foreclosures and short sales, they will have nothing but good things to say about my professionalism, knowledge of the business, and ability to work with people. Okay, that definitely sounds like boasting, but what can I say?  I don’t mind working with banks.

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