Friends(Agents) don't let Friends(Buyers) hire cheap Inspectors.

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It seems with the drop in house prices buyers are looking for the cheap inspector in town. I've been getting more and more calls from people shopping around for price. I'm one of the few inspectors I know that advertise my prices. About 90% of the time people are looking for the price and not the best inspector. This is bad, bad, bad. When I hear the line "I'm just calling around to see what the prices are" I explain that I'm not the cheapest but you get what you pay for with me. I also tell them if they would like me to save them some time I'll give them the numbers of a couple guys in town that are cheap. I've seen other Inspectors reports and I know some may not be cheap but they cheap out on the inspection. 

With the economy being the way it is everyone is fighting for a piece of the pie. I've been getting more repeat business from agent referrals lately. I think my thorough reports, time at the property, and time spent explaining things to the buyers is getting me the referrals. I've even been getting more inspections farther from home due to the word traveling. I know buyers look to their agents for guidance. Do the agents do their part to ensure they give the best referrals? Do they discourage the bargain inspection? There is no such thing as a good deal when it comes to a good inspections. A good value is another thing.

The lowballers are out there. Seems like there is less of them up here in Reno then other places but they are here. I recently saw another local Home Inspector go out of business due to being under cut. Home Inspectors like myself are a local small businesses so we need local support. Shop around for quality because the money you spend now could save you 10 fold in the future and the money you don't spend could cost you 10 fold in the future.

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Vince Chinell
VICO Home Inspection - Branson, MO

Robert,  Absolutely!  Seems people are always looking for the cheapest and quality takes a second seat.  These trends are worse in some areas than others.  Most of the Realtors in my area do not go for the cheapest inspector but it is up to the buyer.  We constantly need to educate them...suggested....

Jan 14, 2012 09:54 AM
Rob Ernst
Certified Structure Inspector - Reno, NV
Reno, NV-775-410-4286 Inspector & Energy Auditor

Vince, I like your comments. Let's keep the good guys in business by educating the buyers.

Jan 14, 2012 11:03 AM