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Fox Mill Covenants

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Covenant Information

Copies of all subdivision covenants are available at the B&B Enterprises offices, located at 40W270 B LaFox Road in St. Charles. Covenants can be purchased for $25.00. You can also download the covenants here (PDF).

Homeowner Association Dues

Fox Mill Homeowner Association dues consist of two budgets: Master and neighborhood. Combined, this amount is your total yearly dues. The dues are paid in two equal installments (April and July) upon receipt of the invoices.

Hamlet dues for 2007 are $970.00 including Master dues of $646.00

Commons dues for 2007 are $1118.00 including Master dues of $646.00

Settlements dues for 2007 are $975.00 including Master dues of $646.00

Farmstead dues for 2007 are $1042.00 including Master dues of $646.00

The neighborhood budget covers common area mowing and maintenance, insurance, office expenses, seasonal planting and decorating, website, general upkeep and management. The Master budget includes maintenance and utilities for the Community Center and pool, lifeguard salaries and management. The Homeowners Association meets once a year, usually in March, to vote on the budget and discuss other important Association issues. All Homeowners are notified by mail of the meeting date and time.

Architectural Review

The Architectural Review Committee must approve any plans for decks, porches, room additions, gazebos, pools, fencing, satellite dishes, landscaping, ponds, swing sets, and exterior improvements prior to work taking place. Submit all plans to B&B Enterprises. Please allow two to three weeks for all plan reviews.


Residents are required to landscape at a minimum with planting beds in the front yard and must seed or sod the entire yard, front, side and rear. Landscaping should be completed within six months of issuance of an occupancy permit. Before your excavator digs he must call J.U.L.I.E. (800-892-0123) to locate underground utilities. It is also important to call Kim (630)816-0238 to locate street light cables. Homeowners are responsible for the cost of any repairs.

Procedures for Submitting Plans for Approval

  • Submit a detailed sketch of the work to be done to ARC at B&B Enterprises, 40W270 B LaFox Road, St. Charles, IL 60175 or fax to Gary at (630)584-2096
  • Using a copy of your plat of survey or other drawing showing the lot lines and house, draw in the fencing, deck/patio, room addition, porch, swing set or other construction. Where applicable, indicate dimensions, height, materials, color and distance to lot lines
  • Decks, porches, swing sets and pools should be placed in the back yard within the side-lines of the house. Nothing can be built to encroach on the lot easements
  • Make sure the subdivision, your name, address, lot # and phone number are indicated on the drawing
  • Drawings will not be returned. They will remain in our offices with the house file
  • Allow 2-3 weeks for approvals. You will receive a letter in the mail indicating approval or any changes required to the plan
  • Apply for appropriate permits from Kane County Building Dept., 719 Batavia Ave., Geneva, IL 60134. (phone 630-232-3485)
  • Call J.U.L.I.E. (800)892-0123 to mark utility lines and Kim at (630)816-0238 to mark streetlight cables
  • Additional questions? Call Kim at (630)816-0238

Open Burning

Other than barbecues in properly constructed barbecue pits or grills and fire pits, no open fires are allowed. There shall be no open burning of refuse or building materials.

No Trade, Business or Profession

No trade, business, profession, or any other type of commercial activity shall be carried on in the development except as permitted by local zoning.

Garbage Cans

Refuse should not be put out prior to 8 p.m. the night before the scheduled pickup. Garbage cans and recycling bins need to be placed in garages during the week. With high winds possible, please take the steps necessary to eliminate trash blowing around the neighborhoods.

Swimming Pools

All swimming pools must be approved by the ARC. Above-ground pools are not allowed. Pools can be located no closer than 10' from the rear lot lines and within the sides of the house. ARC approval is required.


Some areas of Fox Mill do not allow fences. For those areas where they are permitted, fences can be no taller than 48" and must be picket, split rail or wrought iron type. No privacy or barricade type fences permitted. Fences must be stained or painted to the match the house. Fences around swimming pools must be 48" per Illinois law. Submit all fence plans to ARC prior to construction.

Mail Boxes

A standard mailbox and post must be purchased from Mailbox Services by calling (847)669-2752. In the event the mailbox is damaged or destroyed, the homeowner must contact Mailbox Services for a replacement box and/or post. Subsequent mailboxes/posts and/or installation shall be paid for by the homeowner. The cost of a new mailbox and post is $210.00.


Boats, campers, snow plows and other types of recreational vehicles or tools can not be left on driveways or in the yards. They must be stored in the garage or off-site. If it is necessary to park a recreational vehicle in the driveway or on the street for a short period of time (preparing for a trip or family visiting for a few days, etc.) please notify Kim at 630-816-0238.

No commercial vehicles (trucks or vans with a business name on the side or back) may be parked on or about the streets or driveways of the lots. Parking is never allowed on the lawn.

Antennas, Satellite Dishes

Satellite dishes can be no larger than 20" in diameter and must be approved by the Association and the developer prior to installation. It must be installed on the BACK wall or roof of the house so it is not visible from the front street. Antennas must be installed in the attic of the home and not on the roof.

Motorized Vehicles

No motorized vehicles are allowed in Fox Mill parks or along the property easements. This includes, but is not limited to, ATV's (All Terrain Vehicles), scooters, motorcycles, and snowmobiles.


It has been brought to our attention that some dogs within the Fox Mill subdivision have sparked concern among the homeowners. Be sure to be knowledgeable about your neighbor's dogs and your children's playmate's dogs, including any history of aggression. Most importantly, be vigilant in keeping your dog properly restrained and cooperate with fellow homeowners by doing whatever you can to keep our children safe.

  • Dogs must be leashed at all times when off the owner's property
  • Please clean up after your dog in the parks and public areas
  • Be considerate to your neighbors and monitor your dog's barking

See additional Links and info at http://www.foxmillhomesforsale.com/