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Modesto CA Weather



 When you look at a roof top and see frost you might think it is chilly inside but on the contrary, it's just the opposite!Stockton CA weather


  Modesto CA weather can't make up it's mind, neither can most of San Joaquin County. We're not sure if we should turn on the A/C or the HEATER. At any rate, this time of the year is great for determining whether or not your attic is sufficiently insulated. In an attic with poor insulation, heat rises in the home and penetrates up into the attic and out the roof, melting any ice accumulation. If the attic is insulated properly, the heat will remain in the home longer and have a difficult time breaking through the barrier of insulation in the attic. This reduces your energy bill significantly!

 A keener eye will show you the cold spots on a roof as well that help indicate a lack of insulation or maybe even a spotty (or shoddy) installation job.

When Modesto CA weather turns to rain, it's also a great time to shine a light up into your attic and look for leaks. A helpful tip when looking for water leaks is to fan your flashlight from side to side and look for a reflection. If there is any water, it will reflect off the light and sparkle. 


 Remember the Eskimos? Just because it looked cold, their Igloo's were probably warmer than most homes around your own neighborhood. In Modesto CA weather, or (whether) or not your attic is insulated could save you some money in the Summer time, and even in the Winter time.. whichever this happens to be, I don't know.

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Real Estate Faster - Los Angeles, CA

Thanks for sharing, ice on a roof means the home is well insulated.

Jan 16, 2012 03:03 AM