Are you saving money or are you just throwing it down the drain?

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 The first Part of being pre-approved for a future mortgage is making sure your

 credit is the best it can be when you get pre-approved. It just makes sense that

 if you have higher credit scores, you will pay a lower interest rate on your

mortgage loan and will have to put less down. Checkout the Fair Isaac's

consumer website at There is a mortgage payment

calculator that is updated constantly to show you how your FICO score can

affect interest rates. Check it out and save money today. You can save

thousands of dollars over the course of 30 years.

 My fico says if you improve your credit score by 100 points example from 

 620 to 720, you could save $110,000 over the life of the loan in interest.

 Low credit scores will pay nearly three times more in interest than those with

 strong credit scores. Save today but improving your credit. Start putting your

  money away for a rainy day or for a new home of your dreams.  





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