Road Trips-Seven Essential Items To Carry In Your Car

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It is important to be prepared when you are traveling. Try to think ahead in case of emergencies for your security. If you are traveling by car, prepare a box filled with emergency supplies and equipment that might help you should you break down or become involved in an accident.  The following seven items are just a few important items that you should keep in your car when traveling. 


1. A flash light with batteries in case you are stranded in the dark.

2. A flashing light will be helpful so other driver's can see you in the dark.

3. Battery jumper cables will help you restart your car.

4. A gas can will help transfer the gas should you run out.

5. A tow strap will connect you to another vehicle to have your car towed away.

6. Water and snacks are important to have in case you need to wait a long time.

7. A first-aid kit is vital if you have injuries.


Although it seems like a lot of stuff to be carry in the car, you will be thankful to have it should you need it. You can never be too prepared when traveling and keeping yourself and others safe.

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Real Estate Faster - Los Angeles, CA

Thanks for those reminders, so important to have especially on long road trips.

Jan 16, 2012 03:46 AM