The kitchen is the heart of the home so keep it beating...

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The kitchen is the heart of the home.

Sometimes the kitchen is a dream area in the home with adequate space for all the dishes and equipment required to make the home complete.

Sometimes the kitchen is small making the space prime real estate with only room for the most essential items.

If your kitchen fits the category of the later, then a few tips from Houseworks, by Cynthia Townley Ewer is as good as gold.

Ewer suggests dividing items in the kitchen into three categories – A, B and C.

Items in the “A” categories are located in the front of cabinet shelves and top drawers and the front area of lower cabinets and shelves. These are items that are used everyday.

Ewer broke it down like this: "It's easy: Choose the most accessible areas in your kitchen to store the items you use the most."

The next category is “B.” An example of something in this category would be a crockery slow cooker because it is used maybe once a week. These items are getting their share of usage but not on a daily basis. Examples of these items are graters, strainers, roasting pans and mixing bowls.

Assign the "B" categories to "B" level accommodations, such as lowest or highest shelves in the cabinets or areas in the backs of drawers. To reach the land of "B," you'll stand on tiptoe or stoop a bit, but storage is reasonably accessible.

The last category is “C.”  These are the tools, seasonal items or single-use gadgets that barely earn their valuable kitchen real estate spot by being used once or twice a year.  Ewer said these items, which left to multiply, could overtake even the largest kitchen, dangling cords and all.

In order to reduce this category, Ewer recommends giving each item a serious review as to if warrants valuable kitchen real estate space. Items that you “love” but seldom use, like that pasta or bread maker, could find a new home with a friend and let them worry about finding a place for it.

“C” items are stored in the dark reaches of bottom shelves in the cabinets. Small cabinets above the refrigerator or oven, reachable only with a step stool, are an ideal home for “C” items.

And there you have it according to Ewer, home kitchen storage easy as A, B, C!

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