Mansfield, Missouri - Veterans recognized -- Purple Heart Medals Presented

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On Friday afternoon, November 9, veterans, citizens and school children met at the Mansfield, Missouri school for a program recognizing local veterans.

Sixteen veterans in the Mansfield area were recognized with the package which includes a medal, a certificate from the State of Missouri and the United States Government, letters from Governor Matt Blunt (a veteran) and Major General Stillwell.  Two of the awards went posthumously to a WWII veteran and a VietNam veteran. Tech Sgt. Bobby Doss received three medals recognizing service in three theaters of combat: World War II, Korea, and Vietnam.   This presentation project was performed in communities all over Missouri.

Spec.4 Fred Overbeck received, in addition to the Missouri medal, a Purple Heart medal which has been 36 years in the process.  Chester Green, World War II veteran was recognized, but absent as he is in the hospital.  Recently, Green was awarded a Purple Heart medal he earned during service in Italy during 1944 combat.

Veterans, citizens and school children












Excerpts from a speech made by John Doane, member of the Mansfield Legion Post are posted at my other blog-- Ozarks Mystique 

Ozarks Veterans and Stateman salute the flag

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