Brick Homes vs Frame Homes

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There are several cosmetic reasons as to why a brick home may be the soundest decision when it comes to investing. Brick looks good and is very low maintenance you don’t need to maintain the outward appearance as often as you would a frame home. People argue that brick homes are insulated better and home insurance is cheaper. These reasons seem to cast a shadow upon frame homes, when in fact, from an investment standpoint you stand to make as much from a frame home as you do a brick home if not more!

Research is the name of the game here. What you need to do is buy a property in an area where you have a pretty good chance of being able to rent it out again very quickly. Whether you purchase brick or frame location will be very important. In some areas a good frame home is hard to come by and that scarcity drives its value up as well.

Now you must consider the amount of money that you will be putting into your investment. Unless the brick home you have purchased is brick from floor to ceiling and everything in between, it will take just as much money and time to renovate or rehabilitate as it would a frame home.

Generally the purchase price of a frame home is much lower than that of a brick home, yet, you can rent it out at the same rate as a brick home and sometimes more depending on the amenities that are included in the home i.e. basement, number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms etc. Therefore you can expect a much higher and faster return on your initial investment.

When it comes to investing there is a bigger picture than simply what the home looks like and what it is made of. When you consider all factors related in choosing a profitable investment you will find that sometimes the most “obvious” choice may not be the best choice in the long run.

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