The Secret of Life

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I really enjoyed Richards post today about responsibility, hard work and not blaming others for your problems. It serves as a good reminder to us all.

Original content by Beth and Richard Witt


Down through the years, there have been many stories and anecdotes about people who searched for the secret of life. The secret of life, according to the well-known psychiatrist, Dr. David Viscott, is that there is no secret.  I agree.

It is hard work, determination, and effective thinking backed up by persistent action, that brings you success in life, not any magic lamp or winning lottery ticket.

Pretty simple, huh? And the key to all this, the glue that holds it together and allows you to create something truly wonderful, is accountability - or responsibility, if you prefer.

While it is true that many things that have happened to you are not your fault, you didn't cause them, in every case you chose to react in your own way.

Of course, accepting responsibility for your reactions to events means you have to stop blaming others for your problems, but it also empowers you to change what you need to change and move on.

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