Are You Covered With The Right Homeowners Insurance?

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Are You Covered With The Right Homeowners Insurance? 

If you're a homeowner, you most certainly have a homeowner insurance policy to cover your home. Not only is homeowner insurance a necessity, lending regulations require every homeowner with a mortgage to have some form of homeowner insurance coverage. It is a vital investment you need to make in order to protect your home and everything in it against accidents and hazards like fire, storm, flood, and others. Any accidents which occur in the house or on your property should also be covered, including medical reimbursements in cases of accidents and injuries.

You may have homeowner's insurance, however, the question is, is it the right coverage? Home owners insurance differs depending on the type of coverage included in your policy. Different areas may require different types of coverage. Areas most commonly affected with natural disasters like flood, hurricane, and storms, also have special coverage against these types of natural hazards.

A good example is the homeowners insurance policy in some states where a special section called the wind policy is included. This is especially provided for homes in areas which are often experience hurricanes. This will provide home owners the necessary coverage against a very common hazard in those areas.

Upon signing your homeowners insurance policy, you need to know what is included and not included in the coverage. This will help you decide whether to provide additional homeowners insurance for other specific coverages. Some homeowners insurance policies may not cover your home against earthquake, nuclear exposure, and tsunami. If you feel you live in an area where nuclear exposure is a known hazard or if you are along the ring of fire and may want to provide additional coverage against earthquake, try to talk about this with your insurance provider and get possible coverage for these types of hazards.

Your homeowner insurance may also provide coverage for the belongings you have within your home. However, if you have expensive and valuable items within your home which the standard home insurance policy may not completely cover, you might opt to add another type of insurance — content coverage.

Make sure you have the right homeowners insurance coverage. If you are not sure about it, always seek the help and assistance of your insurance provider.



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Matt Brady
Finance Of America - Del Mar, CA
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People that have owner occupied insurance and move to make that home a rental need to know they are not covered if a tenant or vacation rental occupant causes a claim. They need to inform the insurance company and upgrade the insurance.

Jan 17, 2012 06:07 AM