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“The only way to make a man trustworthy is to trust him” – Henry Stimson

What is trust?

The Longman dictionary defines it the following way:

Trust Verb

1.       To believe that someone is honest and will not harm you, cheat you etc.

2.      To be sure that something is true or will happen

I would like to further define and explain this term. How and when can you believe in someone? When can you be sure?

With these questions in mind I would like to redefine the term the following way:


1.   Verb: That consideration established after sufficient observation from the viewpoint on another so as to be certain on that persons actions or non-actions in the future.

2.   Noun: That quality built up in oneself which makes other people trust you.

I have recently realized something on the subject of trust which I find interesting. The level of trust in our society is low, very low and getting worse as I get older. 

The following law gives credence to the same:


When we see how our society, our nation has transmogrified itself into a world where we can’t even carry a bottle of water on a plane, we see a nation with more control and less trust.  It takes trust to build trust and, like a plane, it takes two wings to fly.  If one side has no trust, the plane cannot stay in the air. 

Business depends on trust to survive.  Without it – no business would be done.  No plane will stay in the air.  Control is a symptom of fear and fear is the opposite of love. 

Think about that…  Fear is the opposite of love.  When a relationship fails, it’s almost always because of a communication breakdown.  That breakdown is out of fear of what the other person will think to express what is on their mind.  Think about how many relationships would be successful if people would speak what’s on their mind.  Think how much business could be done for doing the same.

Business has evolved into a game where everyone is afraid to tell the other side the truth as they’re afraid that side will take advantage of them. 

In real estate I think this works to our advantage as Realtors are obligated to speak the truth, always.  There are things we are required to hold confidential, but truth is always on our side.  And with that truth, comes trust. 

So how do we, as Realtors, build up trust?

I have some ideas:

  1. Always keep your word once given. Even if it was not important or you have to sacrifice a lot to do it. Always keep your word. This includes contracts, debts to pay back, favors, following time agreements, everything. 
  2. Never lie.  Not even if it’s a joke.
  3. Don’t give confidential information, ever.  Just answering that you cannot disclose confidential information gives credence to trust.
  4. Always help to your best ability.
  5. Never do anything harmful to somebody else.


 “The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them.”   - Ernest Hemingway

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Those are a great set of five rules to go by. Thanks Mark.

Jan 17, 2012 08:04 AM
Bob Crane
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Thanks Mark, I really enjoyed your post, and reblogged it as well so that more people could gain from your wisdom.

Apr 03, 2012 07:51 PM