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A long time ago I went to see a doctor (nothing serious, don't worry.)  During our initial consultation I discovered that she was raised in Toronto and had been practising medicine in Manhattan for years.   She had only just recently moved her family back home to Toronto.  Why would anyone give up a great medical career and leave the most exciting city in the world?  Her reason?  She wanted her two daughters to be educated in Toronto.  Seriously???!!  NY has the most prestigious private schools, everyone knows that.   And doctors, especially specialists like my doctor, make tons more money in NY than they ever could in Toronto.  She could afford the very best schools in the very best city.  She said she had checked into all of them and none compared to the schools here.

And you know what?  She's right. 

I remember when I came here.  I was totally embarrassed: I went to school in New Jersey (no Jersey jokes, please) and had never learned anything about Canada, our closest neighbour and ally.  I never learned how many provinces there were, how the government worked, who the Prime Minister was.  It was humiliating to be beaten at Jeopardy, night after night, by my Canadian husband, on topics like: US Geography, US Presidents and US State Capitals!  

My doctor was right.  The schools here are better.  Whether private or public, the education a child receives here is vastly better than if he or she had gone to a fancy schmancy NY school.  In the states, you learn only about the US.  Sad, but true.   My thirteen year old daughter knows more about the governments of both Canadian and the US than I do now.

Each neighborhood in Toronto has fabulous public schools and libraries.  The private schools are outstanding, whether all girls, all boys, co-ed, large or small or alternative, you can rest assured your child will be motivated, challenged and, best of all, getting a well-rounded education.  Of course, as in any school, a lot depends on the teacher.  You can get a bad apple anywhere.  But, so far, in my experience and my friends' experiences, they're all happy with the schools their children attend. 

Tonight, my daughter's grade 8 class did their version of "Romeo and Juliette."  The teacher had very little input, mostly just directing the acting.  The girls (she goes to an all girls school) wrote the script, choreographed the sword fights, and played all the parts.  It was fantastic.  I am so happy my daughter goes to school in Toronto.  She's beating me at Jeopardy now.  I hate that. 

If you want to know about any school in particular just ask me.  I'm here in Toronto and happy to help.

Thanks for reading!  I'll write again soon!


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Lou Ludwig
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Thanks for taking the time to share the information for the Toronto Schools.

Good luck and success.

Lou Ludwig

Jan 17, 2012 11:54 AM
John Cocomile
Soho Mortgage Ltd - Toronto, ON, that was a fantastic blog!!

Jan 17, 2012 12:46 PM
Elyse Berman, PA
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Julie,  I didn't know that Toronto schools were so much better than US schools.  This is important information for anyone looking to relocate to the Toronto area.  Good thing you are familiar with them!

Jan 18, 2012 07:55 AM