How Safe is Living in Surprise?

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How Safe is Living in Surprise?

According to Surprise Police statistics, Surprise is one of the Valley's safest cities.

Being aware is half of the battle in the fight against crime. It not only makes you a more knowledgeable home-buyer, but it also makes you a safer citizen in general. Knowing where and what type of crime is currently occurring in your community will help you take the steps necessary to keep you and your loved ones safe.

Here is a breakdown of current crime trends in Surprise, AZ:

Vandalism: 34 reports/28% of overall crime reports

Disturbig the peace: 29 reports/24% of overall reports

Burglary: 21 reports/17% of overall reports

Theft: 17 reports/14% of overall reports

Drug/Alcohol violations: 9 reports/7% of overall reports

Fraud: 4 reports/3% of overall reports

*Statistics taken from the Surprise Police Department for the first week of 2012.

More detailed Surprise crime information can be found in the weeks since January 1st.

How to Keep Your Family Safe

Being aware is the number one step to keeping your family and loved ones safe. Simple tasks, such as leaving your porch light on even when you aren't home, and securing your sliding glass doors with extra locks are little things you can do to keep intruders at bay. Also, remember that most robberies occur in broad daylight when no one is home. Vary your morning routine and come and go from your home at different times.  

And don't forget, always research crime stats in your neighborhood before buying a new home. Only you can truly know what you are comfortable with.



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