The Times They Are A Changin.... Inventory is WAY Down / Rates are WAY Down / Activity is WAY Up! And Homes are SELLING!!

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The Times They Are A Changin....

Jackson County Oregon- That empty house that you saw down the street for a year or so with the weeds growing is no longer "off the radar"! It has either already been SOLD or it has a Realtor sign in the yard and it is for sale. 

The neighbor who hasn't paid his mortgage in a year and half and seems to have been given a "free pass" by his lender is no longer "off the radar"! When his next foreclosure sale date arrives it will not be postponed this time.

Fewer and fewer eyesores and the foreclosure process being completed more often, means that we are in the middle of the Real Estate correction. 

With a year over year inventory reduction of 22.8% and over 30% in a few areas of Jackson County it is no wonder that the home buying activity has increased significantly. 

Inventory going down means that homes are selling.... and selling fast.

Homes selling, means that people are hearing the stories of the first time home buyers excited about the great place they got and how they are paying less per month than when they were renting!

Homes selling, means that people are hearing the stories of the person that turned their primary residence into a rental and bought the house they never dreamed that they could have owned 5 years ago (and now at a reasonable price). 

Homes selling, means that people are hearing the stories of the investors picking up properties that are easily penciling with a great positive cash flow and then on to look for the next one. 


If you hear a Realtor or Mortgage person in Jackson County preaching gloom and doom....RUN!!

You have just encountered a novice or a dinosaur.

(Do not judge for yourself as to which they are, let them tell's more fun)


The Market is GREAT, the Prices are GREAT, the Interest Rates are HISTORIC!!  

The Opportunity is here!!

Make it a GREAT 2012!!

Joe Yates

Real Estate Broker

The Atlas Group

Medford, Oregon








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