Safety Tips for Pruning Season

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Trees are dormant, but power lines are live — look up!

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Gardeners are already looking out at their yards and plotting their moves for the new year. First up on the to-do list? Pruning. Now through late February is generally a good time for pruning because trees are dormant.

If you’re thinking about pruning any trees, it’s important to be very careful. The leading cause of accidental contact with power lines in Oregon is tree trimming or tree falling gone wrong.

How you can prevent dangerous accidents

  • Consider hiring a professional. Tree pruning can be hazardous. We often recommend that you contact a licensed arborist who is specially trained to do the job correctly and safely.
  • Look up! Whenever you’re moving a ladder or a long tree-pruning tool outdoors, look up and make sure you’re away from overhead utility lines.
  • Remember that tree limbs can conduct electricity; they contain water. Electricity can pass through a branch that’s touching a power line and seriously injure you.
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