Sugarloaf Country Club Golf Homes Frequently Asked Questions

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Sugarloaf Country Club Golf Homes Frequently Asked Questions

Sugarloaf Country Club Golf HomesI often get a lot of questions about Sugarloaf Country Club Homes as it relates to the Golfing that can be had in this neighborhood.  So here's a quick FAQ for those that love golf and Sugarloaf Country Club homes for sale!

Who Designed Sugarloaf TPC (Tournament Players Club)?

Greg Norman, "The Shark" designed this course and it was his first course and has stood the test of time over the years.

What was Sugarloaf Country Club Real Estate, before they built the course?

Originally owned by the Rollins family, Sugarloaf Farms raised horses and cattle.   Their estate's "Southern Classic" architecture from the 19th century was retained for the club house.

Is the course Public or Private?

It's definitely a private club

What's the average price of a homes in Sugarloaf Country Club?

Although you can find homes as low as $500,000 they tend to average $800,000 or more.

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