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It is the week or so before Christmas and I use Christmas- not holiday, I am a Vietnam Vet and Love my Flag and Country!!

Ok back to the subject today, a lot of people are wondering what is UP with real estate, I can't answer for the USA; but I can mention a few characteristics of the Beach. There is a few, not a lot of ocean front and 1st and 2nd row homes and condo's for sale. There is not the huge buyers market that seems to be overwhelming the country, it is a great market and in the Myrtle Beach area all the way thru Garden City and down to Pawley's Island, Realtors' are seeing the 2nd most productive year ever!

I think there are more adjustments to be made but on the whole there seems to be a l90t of buyers LOOKING and not to sure to spend their money as fast as they did last year.

What is the reason: the internet! Everyone who comes to ask a real estate question has already seen what they want on a web page somewhere. They oftet bring in a MLS number and tell us what they want to see.

We are beginning to get Internet Wiser every day. Several of us are learning from the EPRO technology school, which will hopefully bring Realtors to the level of the very smart web people out there.

I think an awful lot of Realtors were quite used to having some one stop bye and ask whats for sale ? It isn't happening that way anymore.

In a few years if you don't have a treo, and know how to text msg, and have your emails file themselves into your prospect folders, "you gonna be missing da boat". No Realtor will have enuff time to do all the email stuff and ride around to look at houses like before, WOW how about the gas prices jumping $2.00 a gall in a year.

For a bonus to selling agents I am now offerring $ gas cards for their inspiration to be a side agent. I think we all will try to get someones attention to be our allies more than ever before.

All the agencies are trying to fill a Zillion desks like the old roofing and siding sharks used to do. Hire a ton of people and knowing someone will get you a sale. There won't be the small family businesses any more, lets pack in as many desks as possible, offer some small bonus to attract new agents than lets see hmmmm we let them ferment for 6 months take what ever lisitng they might have gotten, and eventually since there are still way toooo many agents, they will drop out but the management will have gotten their one or two sales and paid their bills!

OK whats the point You better get it together and find a way to make yourself a little different, I will explain that at a later time but try to visualize 40 major realty companies all with advertisements, all kinda nice signs, great office staffs-well now what we have here are a bunch of robots all trying the same thing to earn a meager living. You want to succeed in the Real Estate business?

You better start thinking how to become a name for yourself, your company will let you have a desk but you better find out fast how to make your desk work different than anybody else in your office, do you want to share ideas with them Hell NO I want to keep everything that works for me a secret.

So do we all grow nope, it is really every agent for themselves! Like staking out a claim in the Yukon you better shovel faster or deeper than everyone else.

This has been great writing it will give you all something ti think about----remember this is my opinion and even my wife doesn't always think I am correct.

Merry Christmas I love you all!!

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Brian Brady
Matthews Capital Markets - Tampa, FL
Thanks for your service, Joe.  Merry Christmas to you , also!
Dec 16, 2006 10:47 AM
Christopher Smith
TREGO REALTY - Cedar Rapids, IA
Well said Joseph!  The company will give you an office, but YOU have to make it on your own.  Nobody else will and that's sometimes the hardest part of all.  However, when you finally learn how to do it, it's magic.
Dec 16, 2006 12:06 PM