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In 2004 when Nashville announced it was going to have a luxury building downtown everyone was skeptical. Agents who had lived here for years doomed this building named Viridian. Being a Northern transplant I knew that Nashville was ripe to enjoy what so many cities enjoy...a downtown lifestyle. I not  bought one unit to test living downtown out and within 3 years I became so in love with the city I purchased three more condos. I combined two of those condos to make one large one and use the other two as investments.

When deciding to combine the two units I knew this would be my calling card. I designed furniture, bathrooms and even paint colors to create a one of a kind condo. I use it to help sell how wonderful living in downtown Nashville can be. I have given it to be used in the downtown home tour, as a movie set for a client and for a bridal party. I was honored this last week when our local newspaper did a story on it.

I have lived in the suburbs and loved it but now I walk to the symphony, the Titans stadium,  hockey games and  Morton's for happy hour.

If you are looking to live downtown! Call me I live it everyday!

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