What To Say In Place of...I TOLD You So!

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My client figured that the lender’s inspection of the home for sale which he was purchasing near College Station, Texas was adequate.  He was going through the Brazos Valley Affordable Housing Corporation (BVAHC) a couple of years ago. The consultant  was quite helpful to my buyer, and showed him the best option to finance his home purchase. 

(It was fun to interact with that consultant, for he has an active sense of humor–once, when an email I sent him was inexplicably delayed for six hours, he asked me if I was using the Pony Express to deliver my emails.  We had a good laugh over that one)!

My buyer purchased an older home near Bryan, Texas.  Though advised otherwise, he elected to sign a waiver of inspection for my file.  The home was built on pier and beam.  It had wood siding, painted white. Plainly stated, it was an older home for sale, with some issues. 

The lender’s inspector wrote a few items needing repair on the inspection report.  (I do not think this “inspector” was licensed by the Texas Real Estate Commission–he was an employee of BVAHC). Though re-piping the hot water heater was addressed in the report, what was NOT noted, was that age had deteriorated the unit.

Some time after closing, I got an email from the buyer to the effect that he wished he hired a licensed inspector (as was recommended to him--he referenced that fact), because he just purchased a new water heater. 

A licensed inspector most likely would have noticed the poor condition of the water heater, so we could have negotiated with the seller. My buyer was out hundreds of dollars...but I could not say, “I TOLD YOU SO...!”

Just curious...what would you have told him?

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Nick Cameron
Keller Williams - Bellingham, WA

Now you know my value, so ho else do you know that is selling who might benefit from the expertise I had previously offered you?


Nov 14, 2007 08:59 AM
Dave Woodson
Dave Woodson - Chesterton, IN
Not the Average Agent
That is why I am paid the bick buck to protect you from yourself, then I would have put him in a head lock and gave him a nugies. 
Nov 14, 2007 09:06 AM
Daniel Sundberg
Crystal Springs Real Estate - Kentwood, MI
Not much you can say other than "I told you so."  I do like what Nick said, in maybe a little different wording.
Nov 14, 2007 09:09 AM
Phaedra Hubbard
My Florida Home Store - Clearwater, FL
Clearwater, Dunedin, Palm Harbor Real Estate Exper

Try "See, what did I tell you".


Nov 14, 2007 09:19 AM
No Longer Active
Real Estate - Fallon, MT

I wouldn't make the guy feel bad... Cheer him up a little and say something like..

Look at the bright side.. The money you saved not paying the home inspector paid for the hot water heater... but... it could have been a bigger problem so next time make sure you go for the inspection...

With that your a memorable good guy.. He feels better about making the mistake but will listen to your advice in the future.... Kind of a win-win in my book.



Nov 14, 2007 09:20 AM
KC Coonc
Windermere Real Estate/Whatcom, Inc. - Bellingham, WA
Bellingham Commercial Real Estate
Nathan, Not a lot to say other than "that's to bad that worked out that way, this kind of issue is why we strongly urge buyers to have a home inspection."
Nov 14, 2007 10:38 AM
Nathan Cook
BCR (Brazosland Classic Realty) - College Station, TX

Nick: Great point--he DID remember the advice from earlier...good wording.

Dave:  That's pretty good!  By the time it was over, he wished he had listened...That is what he wrote in the email.  

Daniel:  Yep, his own memory said it eloquently for me. Nick did make an excellent [prospecting] point.

Phaedra:  It is interesting to note that personalities come out in print. I see that "grin"!   As an example, I emailed pictures of grandkids (my nephews and niece) to my brother's mother-in-law and sister-in-law today.  I could just HEAR their voices as I read their responses.  His mother-in-law just bubbled with enthusiasm and his sister-in-law was fairly matter of fact...

Speaking of which, Dave, seeing your profile picture brought your "head lock and gave him a nugies" comment to life. 

I do appreciate the view points that you all contributed!  Thanks for the suggestions.

Dan: Well stated!  I will have to remember that!  My father told me something years ago I have never forgotten.  He said, "Nathan, the mark of a great man is to be more knowledgeable than another, then to share that knowledge in a way that [is not demeaning to them]."

Nov 14, 2007 10:45 AM
Nathan Cook
BCR (Brazosland Classic Realty) - College Station, TX
KC:  I hear you!  It is good to bring the issue back to the forefront of the buyer's mind.  Maybe it will save them grief later on down the road.   It was somewhat of a cheap lesson...
Nov 14, 2007 10:47 AM