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A Taxing Tax Situation

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I heard today that Rep. Rubio said last night that the tax break we will get if the bill passes in January 2008 won't be much. A few hundred dollars and portability. He urged everyone to vote for the bill saying you should never turn down a tax break no matter how small. If the bill doesn't pass then all we will hear is "see the public doesn't care they didn't vote for the tax break". HE IS CORRECT.

What amazes me is where has the real estate profession been during all this time. Realtors pay in voluntary contributions for lobbying so where does it go? I havn't heard much about the real estate lobby being in Tallahassee making their voices heard. I am still wondering where their consortium of industries were? Brokers, builders, lending institutions, developers etc.?

Why has no one thought to bring up the huge tax exemptions given to emerging industries to lure them into our state. Many of these industries are still enjoying these exemptions even though they have become giants at this point. Do we still have Sunset laws?

Why not add .02 cents to the sales tax? Did you ever hear anyone say they wouldn't come to Florida or any other state for a vacation because the sales tax was too high? New York and California are both higher than Florida and they are doing just fine attracting tourists. Increase the sales tax and everyone that buys will pay.

If you don't want to pay then don.t buy.

The state is having trouble collecting taxes to hear them tell it. Wait till you see the billions the state will loose because of the reduction in residential property values due to all the foreclosures in Florida. It is estimated to be in the billions of dollars as of now. Many of the homeowners will never be able to afford another home in their lifetime. I bet the state agencies will feel this pinch. I guess they will have no choice but to cut service to the public to make up the loss. Where have we heard that before?

Eric Bouler
Gardner Realtors, Licensed in La. - New Orleans, LA
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Do not bet on state cutbacks. They will begin to take in less money and that is a fact. As feds take in more states will get less.
Nov 14, 2007 09:33 AM