Aviod a short Sale or Foreclosure.. There are Options....

Managing Real Estate Broker with Ski Utah Real Estate

              short sale and foreclosure stress     Are YOU in a position of losing your home, Behind on mortgage payments, having a hard time making ends meet, or just want to move but can’t because your home is worth less than what you owe? Are you considering a possible Short Sale or Foreclosure?


utah home searchIs This You? Or is this anyone you may know?

We can help

 We HELP home owners avoid losing their home to Foreclosure or Short Sale to be able to walk away free and clear or even take advantage of our buy back option for 60-80% of the current market value and have instant equity in your home, which also significantly reduces your mortgage payment. PLUS we offer FREE Credit Repair.

We work with a Nationwide Based Real Estate Investment Firm that is Buying OVER $1 Billion Dollars worth of Houses Nationwide by the end of this year. We Specialize in Buying Homes that Are in Pre-Foreclosure where the Home Owner is either: Behind on their Mortgage, Upside Down Or just Tired of Dealing with their Bank/Lender.

We will also work with Real Estate Agents and Mortgage Brokers. We can buyyour home and resolve your lender issues with a 300 man year invested process that is copyright protected and proven in many US markets.

Be sure to ask us about our buy back option for 60-80% of the current market value.

short sale and foreclosure reliefWith a 99% success rate you cannot afford to pass this up!

It’s a win, win, for everyone!


We look forward to working with you to help reduce


some of your financial burden.


Contact: Kassi Pontious  801-687-0222


Email: Kassi@skiutahrealty.com



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