Seeing Red

Home Inspector with The House Whisperer

Today, many heating furnaces and air conditioning evaporator coils are installed in the attic. See Rust in Pan

It frees up closet/storage space in the house and it’s quieter when the heating/cooling is on.

When an air conditioning evaporator coil unit is installed in the attic (the silver box in photo), a condensate overflow pan is typically installed under the unit. The condensate overflow pan is a safety device intended to prevent unwanted condensate leakage (water) from spilling onto floors and ceilings, if something goes wrong.

In the photo taken during a Walnut Creek home inspection, there's rust colored water in the overflow containment pan and the pan appears to be corroding... not a good sign.

If left unchecked, the pan will eventually rust through. This can lead to mold growth in the attic insulation or drywall ceiling; and/or ceiling water stains or leakage onto a floor below.

You can count on the The House Whisperer to see red (in the water containment pan).

I recommend further review by a licensed HVAC contractor.

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Scott Luke

We have conddesant water pipe outside of house wall. Rensently we see rust water flow out. I read this article and will check out my attic air condition and the codensate water tray. Might have to call air condition company to further fix.
thanks for the article.

Sep 17, 2017 09:30 AM