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Brokers must work to train their agents, and agents in turn must work to educate consumers. We need to be the ones who are certain in uncertain times.We have accurate information and we need to help clients through this. Sharing market information with clients can help to dispel inaccurate or misleading information that they may be getting from other sources.This uncertainty in the mortgage and credit markets can actually make real estate professionals more relevant. What an opportunity, because your seller doesn't know who's going to qualify today if the banks aren't really sure of how they're doing it. The seller is going to need you more. Sherry Chris, president and CEO for Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate, a new franchise brand for brokerage giant Realogy, said that tough times will likely bring agents closer to brokers. Brokers can reestablish their relationship with agents and serve them by building tools for them to use and by working to sort through "what's going on with technology and listings syndication and blogging." The widespread use of real estate agent teams in the industry, brokers can play a role in training and establishing guidelines for teams. The emergence of teams may be attributed to the increasing complexity of the real estate business. It's up to the broker to train the teams, establish a training program for team members and make sure that you're making a profit. From a consumer's perspective, team leaders should take note that consumers who hire them want to work specifically with them, and not be passed along to another team member. The industry is becoming more consumer-centric and tech-focused, real estate technology companies "that we thought of as our enemies" have actually propelled the industry to move forward, and created what can be called healthy tension within the industry. They force us to open our minds, and Brokers with their agents need to be a team and move forward to survive these uncertain times.

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