FHA 203k Guerneville

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FHA 203k Guerneville

Leary why you would use an FHA 203k loan in Guerneville, CA

Just about to wrap up another FHA 203k in Guerneville, CA. This was such a cute little home but the septic system had failed. This is just what the program was designed for. Failed septic systems are full 203k loans NOT streamlined k loans. 

It was apparent from the start that this was going to be a small job as everyone knew the septic system had failed and that is all that was to constitute the "scope of work" but when we got to the property for the first time it was raining and the skylight was leaking with water all over the hardwood flooring. We spent the first half hour of the inspection drying the floor to minimize the damage that might have occured had we not been there. 

Who can close an FHA 203k loan in Guerneville CA?

Greg Loberg of Wells Fargo Home Mortgage comes to mind right away. The job by any standard was a small one but since the rain came it showed all of us there was another issue at the home that no one had anticipated. Greg Loberg of Well Fargo Home Mortgage was the lender on this project. He is a pleasure to work with as he gets them closed. Greg is one of a handful of specialistst that actually closes these loans in short order.

So many lender profess to be 203k lenders only to find that after 60 days they pass it off to someone like Greg who can close in 30-45 days consistently. Keep up the good work Greg. Greg should be your choice for renovation lending from San Rafael to Guernville.

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