Colts Neck Business Owners Form Association

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A grassroots organization was recently formed by a group of prominent Colts Neck business owners to form a business association. While it is customary for businesses to get together, network, and have a business card exhange, this group, that calls themselves the Colts Neck Business Association, has a broader mission.

The core group that formed this organization has been meeting for the last three months to formulate their mission and objectives. Naturally every business is in business to make a profit, but it does not need to end there. This group while representing the business community intends to increase the quality of life for our town residents, the local farmers, business owners, and business people.

The mission of the Colts Neck Business Association is to be a dynamic local organization striving to promote growth, prosperity, and quality of life for our members and community, essentially being the voice for entrepreneurs, representing, advocating, and working to enhance the business environment.

The group's objectives are the following:


  1. Enhance the relationship between businesses and the community of Colts Neck to maintain the integrity of the "look and feel" that has made this township unique.


  1. Provide new and existing businesses within Colts Neck with the most conducive and supportive atmosphere to contribute to their potential success.


  1. Represent Colt Neck businesses and their owners in the best possible light to township residents and leadership.


  1. Network with Colts Neck entrepreneurs to create greater and more profitable business opportunities.

The group meets the second Wednesday of each month at 8:00AM in the Colts Neck Library. Invitation is open to everyone in the Township. If you have an interest in the business community in town, please feel free to stop by on October 10th for the association's first formal meeting.

If you are interested in joining the Colts Neck Business Association, or obtaining more information please send an email to Timothy or just stop in at the next meeting December 12 at the Colts Neck Library. 8:00 AM



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