So, what does sustainability really mean?

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My goal is sustainability;  So, what does that really mean?  I found information about a very interesting organization called The Natural Step, a group who’s soul purpose is to help corporations, organization, and ultimately individuals, understand their role within the sustainability movement and how they “can reduce their impact on the environment while enhancing their overall efficiency and effectiveness”.

It is amazingly easy to work towards sustainability in Charlottesville.

I found the following program, taking place FREE at the public library...

February 1, 6:30 pm
James Madison Regional Library, Northside Library
Learn about the many options for cultivating your own food and discover how easy it is to grow certain vegetables in your yard or in containers.  Pick up tips abut composting and non-chemical care of your garden.  Presented by Laura Glassow, founder of “Home for Dinner”.



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