USPS – Post Offices releases Staff and Locations

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  Nothing new that the United States Post Office, USPS, will be reducing more of their staff, work hours and asking many to retire early.  Currently, the projected list of USPS locations that are going to close is getting bigger every time I see it.  But with $5 billion a year in losses due to the Internet and Congress saying they are to fully fund all of their future pension obligations I can see why.

  If the USPS was a business they would have filed for bankruptcy a long time ago.  Heck, it would have been closed down by now but it’s a constitutionally mandated civic institution that does a job like no other.   With an increase in US population yet it still is having an decrease in revenue the long term trend is not looking too good.  Even with over 120,000 employees and over $12 billion in operating reductions, their plan of consolidating 260 processing centers, making a 5 day delivery and business service, and increase their fees may not be enough.

  As congress and the General Postmaster Patrick R. Donahoe work on this major endeavor on the USPS’s infrastructure and budget relations.  We’ll all just have to sit back, watch, and experiences all of the changes.


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