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 For me, it's been the Week of the Raccoon!  As I write this, the little sucker is running around overhead.  It's cold and showy outside.  It's warm in my attic.  He's no fool!  But I still had time to read lots of posts this week, and of those here are my favorites.

1.  Maureen McCabe: Real Name Policy - What's the point  This is something I hope Active Rain will consider

2.  Brenda Mullen:  Saving Up Not to Buy...but to Sell  Ah!  Another one of those signs of the times!

3.  Jane Peters:  Anyone Interested in a 2 Week Trip to India?  This sounds like one of those opportunities that doesn't come along often!

4.  Barbara Todaro:  Do You Remember Your First Real Estate Lesson?  If you don't, then click the link!  Good stuff.

5.  Judi Barrett:  WOW ~ I COULDA' HAD A V8! Two Types of Real Estate Agents  And you'll ask yourself, which one am I?

6.  Jamie Bell:  Fab Five of Apps  I have to check out the Good Housekeeping one!  And Flashlight is great.

7.  Roger Mucci:  Landlord Humor on a Friday Morning.  This is this week's goof ball post.  It'll make you laugh

8.  Ed Silva:  Here, Let Me Do Something to Brighten Your Day  And Ed delivers on this one!

9.  Charles Buell:  Mother Nature is a Hottie!  This one made me smile.  It's Charles at his most eloquent.

And 10.  Chris Ann Cleland:  The Importance of a Road Maintenance Agreement When Buying Rural Property  This is great for those of us who think we know it all!

And this week, I'm adding a few Welcome Newbie posts.  These were written by people who joined last week, so you'll have a chance to welcome them to Active Rain:

1,  Pam Palumbo:  The Real Estate Therapist Is In!  Pam has skills that will aid in real estate and blogging!

2.  Jessica De La Roca:  3 tips to getting potential leads through hosting Open Houses  Ah, a popular topic here!

3.  Rhonda Leahy:  Tech Training with a Purpose  Rhonda is off to a great start as a new Rainmaker!

4.  Tammy Adams:  5 Common Real Estate Email Marketing Mistakes  We might have a new star here!

And 5.  Scot Rife:  Early Spring?  Let's all say a little prayer that Scot's oprimistic forecast comes true.  It just might!

So that's it for this week.  Hope you'll drop by to say hello to your old friends on the list, and also reach out to the newbies so we can get them as pathetically addicted as we are!  And I'll be back next Sunday with more favorites.  In the meantime, blog on!

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