How To Speed Up or Fix a Slow Computer - Part 3 Disk Backup and Maintenance

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As promised, this is the 3rd video to help you speed up your own computer or laptop without having to call "the guy". 

In working with Realtors on a daily basis, particularly on technical issues, I'm frequently asked to "take a look at" their computer because it is running slow.  "Taking a look" can sometimes get to be a lengthy proposition as it happens to me quite often. 

I was late for dinner (again) and I (again) told my kids that I was going to make a video series on how to fix your own slow computer so I could just refer people to the video series.  That was a while back.  My daughter got tired of waiting and offered to do the video series herself. 

So here it is - a video series on how to fix your slow computer all by yourself.  Like Jessi says, "its so easy, even a 9 year old can do it".  


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Bob Caldwell
Fitzgerald Financial, a Division of Monarch Bank - Annapolis, MD
VA Mortgage Specialist and Military Relocation Services

Replacing your hard drive with a solid state drive--even a small one for data cache--is one of the best ways to speed up your computer.  A good one is the OCZ Octane series of drives.  Considering 8 GB or more of RAM will help too, especially for Windows users (Windows 7 will tend to take as much RAM as you throw at it and you will gain speed benefits).

Jan 23, 2012 03:50 AM