A Delightful Winter Adventure

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Horse Drawn Sleigh


Saturday evening I surprised my husband with a romantic evening with Bogus Creek Outfitters.  It was a magical outdoor adventure that I highly recommend if you happen near the Boise, Idaho area.  A beautiful 16 mile drive up Bogus Basin Road and the countryside transforms from the bare asphalt streets of the valley floor to a winter wonderland in the Boise Mountains.  The twinkling lights of the city below adds to the charming vistas and seems to warm the snow covered trees and ground.  

We arrived at the Frontier Lodge at Bogus Basin Ski Resort waiting for our adventure to begin.  It was blustery and we cuddled close awaiting our sleigh.  Soon we could hear the jingle of harnesses in the muffled surroundings.  Suddenly, three beautiful strong horses emerges from behind the lodge pulling a large sleigh.  These horses were huge, warm and so powerful, completely contrasting the snowy, cold landscape surrounding us.  Following this sleigh emerged a second team pulling its burden through the glistening snow.  Nearly 50 of us boarded the two sleighs.  We were so thankful it had been suggested to bring a blanket as we snuggled it around us and enclosed ourselves out of the wind and cold.  We could smell the horses and feel their anticipation.  Soon the cowboy driving the sleigh let out a cry and the horses strained forward against their straps and our sleigh leaped into motion.  It was so surprisingly and pleasantly smooth as we gently floated across the snow.  For approximately 20 minutes we glided toward our destination as winter tugged at our blanket and swirled around our heads.  Upon arrival we were greeted by cheerily twinkling lights adorning a sweet, simple cabin in the woods.  Our oasis beckoned us with warmth and tantalizing scents.  The massive teams responded to gentle commands by their cowboys and their bodies steamed against the cold night.  We left the sleigh to walk up to the cabin past the massive horses.  We entered the rustic dining cabin and emerged into a world with a wood stove and acoustic music melodies warming and creating a cozy atmosphere.  

Dinner was a three course delight that filled our stomachs and our senses.  Douglas Cameron played his original tunes with soothing melodies throughout the evening.  Cowboy Mike entertained us with cowboy poetry and old fashioned wit.  We laughed and felt so comfortable eating and exchanging conversation with our fellow diners.  The atmosphere was ideal for friendships, dates, groups or any special moment.  

With our bellies full and bodies warm, we loaded up the sleighs for our return trip.   The evening had turned quieter now, the wind barely blowing.  My husband and I chose to sit in the back facing behind the sleigh.  We again wrapped in our blanket and listened to the blades of the sleigh slice through the snow.  We enjoyed the twinkling lights of the busy city below and felt so relaxed to be able to slow down time for a short time.  We were able to watch the second team of horses follow our sleigh as it's cowboy soothed and directed the team.  The steamy breathing of each beast created a rhythm that added to the atmosphere of peace.  

Our snowy, outdoor adventure lasted about two hours Saturday night, but we will always relish the departure from the everyday this experience brought.  What a unique, delightful Idaho adventure.  One we may have to repeat at least yearly. 

Keith Wimberly
Louisiana Mortgage Associates - Lake Charles, LA

Kelly, sounds like you both had ana amazing time! I wish we had snow here in Louisiana...

Jan 23, 2012 03:44 AM