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We believe ActiveRain is a great way for non real estate agents to make connections with real estate agents. For many of you, as real estate agents, you have made some fabulous connections with service providers over the years using ActiveRain

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ActiveRain Partners Program

New Advertising for ActiveRain Partners on 'my home' page

ActiveRain Partners Program


In conjunction with the release of the new design of the 'my home' page, ActiveRain would like to introduce you to the ActiveRain Partners Program.

We believe ActiveRain is a great way for non real estate agents to make connections with real estate agents. For many of you, as real estate agents, you have made some fabulous connections with service providers over the years using ActiveRain.

The new version of the 'my home' page holds two advertising positions on the right hand side. One position will be dedicated to a brokerage and one position will be dedicated to a service provider (title rep, loan officer, etc.). When someone becomes an ActiveRain partner, they will get a chance to advertise to other members of ActiveRain on their 'my home' page.

For instance, if I was an ActiveRain partner in the Seattle area, I would show up on the 'my home' page of any members who access ActiveRain with an IP address related to Seattle or the surrounding areas.

ActiveRain Partners will also have a chance to participate in monthly trainings where we share, with the ActiveRain Partner, presentations that real estate agents may find useful. They can then use that presentation and the collateral associated with that presentation to present to agents in their area in an attempt to bring value to that agent's business.

We believe that a service provider's (or broker's) value, is in part, their ability to educate the real estate agents they work with. For too long, showing up with a box of doughnuts was how service providers attempted to win your business.

We believe there is a better way. We believe that showing up with education and training is a better way for service providers to connect with and demonstrate value for their real estate agent partners.

In addition to premium advertising position on ActiveRain, what does an ActiveRain Partner get as a part of the ActiveRain Partner Program?

Monthly Webinar Training: Our partners will get special access to monthly training where they will learn about something they can take back and share with real estate agents in their market. ActiveRain Partners will get access to the presentation and be provided with collateral they can use connect with local agents.

Quarterly RainCamp Webinars: Our ActiveRain Partners will get first access to our RainCamp Online series. ActiveRain Partners will have free unfettered access to RainCamp recordings and live webinars. They can choose to share the recordings with their sphere in an effort to further educate them.

First Access to ActiveRain Research: We have begun to refine our ability to survey and collect data from our members. ActiveRain Partners will get first access to that research and be able to use it to share with their sphere.

Local Networking Material to meet real estate agents: Getting out in your community and connecting with real estate agents can be the backbone of a successful service providers business. But when you are out meeting with agents how do you demonstrate to them that you can be a valuable addition to their business? ActiveRain Partners will get material that can solidify the relationships they create by getting out and meeting real estate agents in their market.

The Ability to offer real estate agents in your market a discount on ActiveRain products: The agents you introduce to ActiveRain can get a discount when they upgrade their ActiveRain account to a Rainmaker account. ActiveRain Partners can save their sphere money.

Widget to include on Agent Partners blogs: ActiveRain Partners will have the ability to get their contact information displayed on the side of their agent partners blogs. Did an ActiveRain Partner encourage someone to get set up on ActiveRain and get involved in the community? If so, that agent can choose to market the ActiveRain Partner on their blog.

If you have a brokerage, or you are a service provider to real estate agents and this sounds like something you may be interested in, you can contact our VP of Sales, Kate Yackley for more information at or you can speak with her directly by calling her at (206) 453-9667.

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