Caves near Rapid City

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Caves near Rapid City

Visit Rapid City HereThe Black Hills around Rapid City hold more than just beautiful views, great hikes, and amazing wildlife! Deep beneath the soil are a series of caves! Within those caves are amazing histories of the people who lived in and near Rapid City, wondrous creatures that live without light, and treasures too beautiful to be made by man! Visiting one of the caves near Rapid City is a great way to experience the outdoors (or underground?) while escaping the colder weather.

Black Hills Caverns

Located just four miles west of Rapid City, Black Hills Caverns are a series of caves discovered by prospectors in search of gold. What they found instead are a gorgeous collection of calcite crystals. You can take one of two tours in the caves: the adventure tour which goes for one hour throughout all three levels of the caves, or the crystal tour which goes for a half hour and displays thousands of crystals. The tour guides are friendly, knowledgeable, and have explored much of the caves themselves. Visit them right outside of Rapid City today!

Visit Rapid City HereWind Cave

The seventh oldest park in the National Parks system and the fifth largest series of caves in the world, Wind Cave was originally held sacred by the American Indians and was discovered by two brothers in the 1900’s. These brothers were the first of many explorers to this series of caves 50 miles from Rapid City. Take a spelunking tour with the amazing guides to see the boxwork formation that is unique to these caves, crystal formations, cave graffiti, and much, much, more!

Jewel Cave

If you though Wind Cave was big, wait until you visit Jewel Cave near Rapid City! This series of caves is the second largest in the world and more is discovered every year. The tours throughout these caves range from a simple and beautiful walking tour, to a wild and wondrous spelunking tour! With calcite crystals, gypsum, stalactites, stalagmites, and flowstone, the series of Jewel Caves near Rapid City are by far one of the most beautiful caves in United States.

There are even more geological adventures in the Rapid City area, so visit today!

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