VA Loan Approval Requirements

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The Veteran Home Loan Guaranty program was first instituted in 1944. The purpose behind the loan program was to ease the adjustment of postwar economic problems for the millions of veterans serving the armed forces. While there have been some changes to the VA Loan program over the years, the law requires you to meet the following five criteria to obtain a home loan.


  • Applicant must be an eligible veteran with available loan entitlement.
  • The loan has to be used for an eligible purpose as defined by the VA.
  • The home must be occupied or the veteran must intend to occupy the home within a reasonable amount of time after loan closing.
  • The applicant must have a good credit record and not present a credit risk.
  • The income of the veteran must be enough to make the mortgage payments, other associated home costs, living expenses and family support.

Your qualified VA lender will be able to assist you with understanding the specific income and other qualifying requirements to obtain your home loan.

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