34 Reasons Empire Avenue SUCKS! ♦ AND 100 Reasons Why I ♥ E|A

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Since May 24,2011 I've been an active player at Empire Avenue E|A for short :)

My current market share is 141.24 ♦ Funny Thing...

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Mott E|A January 24 Stats  

Original content by Mike Mueller

It’s now been a month since I was coerced into joining Empire Avenue.  Right from the start I had a single, well defined goal.

I want to meet and start new conversations / connections with people.

Mike on Empire Avenue

Doubters and Skeptics?  I may still be one.  I even stated that I was Searching for value, I’ve seen complaints about it being a time suck, no redeeming value, just another pointless game.

With my goal in mind, does Empire Avenue suck for you?

Maybe it’s not Empire that sucks, maybe it’s YOU.  Here’s 34 reasons why YOU suck at Empire Avenue.

  1. You never uploaded a real placeholder_sm picture of yourself.
  2. You never added a bio.
  3. You never completed your Profile.
  4. Your Ticker symbol has nothing to do with the real you (i.e. LONELYGIRL15).
  5. You failed to add all your connections. Not just one or two but ALL.  That would be your Facebook PageFacebook Profile, TwitterFlickrLinkedinYouTube, and your blog(s) RSS.connections
  6. You don’t have a Twitter, Flickr, YouTube or Linkedin Account to connect with.
  7. You failed to join communities, any communities.
  8. For an Index you chose the “Adventure Racing” Index.  really?
  9. You only bought those people you actually know.
  10. You concentrated on gaining wealth (remember it’s virtual people) or building your share price.
  11. You passed on buying new people because they had a low dividend.
  12. You passed on buying people you thought were too expensive.
  13. When you bought people you bought the full 200 shares right off the bat.
  14. You never endorsed anyone’s blogs.
  15. You never put anyone on a list.
  16. You never viewed the profile of anyone else.
  17. You never looked at their bio.
  18. You never searched by interest.
  19. You never looked at other’s portfolios for new connections.
  20. You never left a shout out after buying.
  21. When you did leave a shout out after buying it was plain, boring and unenthusiastic.
  22. You never replied to anyone’s shout out to you.
  23. You had the golden opportunity to connect to others on every other platform, they were all there for you to click on – you didn’t.stefanconnections
  24. When you sent the Facebook friend request, or Linkedin Connect you failed to mention you found them on Empire.
  25. Better than that, you sent either no message at all or the standard “I’d like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn”.
  26. Once you have connected with them on other channels – you failed to engage with them on those channels.
  27. You never looked at “Recent Arrivals”.  What value is a newbie, right?
  28. Did you know there’s a category there called “LOCAL ARRIVALS”? You never saw it nor used it.
  29. You’ve never clicked on any of the suggested people on your HOME screen.
  30. You use the website version and not the Facebook App.
  31. You sold people.  Period.  Why?
  32. You spent all your virtual money on virtual luxury items.
  33. You sent shareholder emails pleading for others to please BUY you.  (and thatdidn’t feel weird?)
  34. You tweeted and Facebook’d EVERY single action and achievement to ALL your friends and now they’ve all blocked you.

So if you can run down this entire list and say, “Nope, that isn’t me” AND you haven’t started any new conversations because of it, I guess it’s safe to assume Empire Avenue is not for you.  (let me know so I can sell you before your shares tank)

Guess what?

I still suck at Empire and I really don’t care.  Everyday I’m adding 10+ new people to the sites I like to really play in (Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Linkedin, and YouTube).  I’m engaging with those new people on those sites and I’ve found a good number of great blogs to add to my feedreader. 

Oh and the time suck part?  Empire isn’t a time suck once I figured out what I’m doing  – I spend maybe 5 minutes a day on it at most.

Are you on Empire?  Having fun?  Don’t buy me because I’m a good investment, buy me to start a conversation and then do.


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Mott Marvin Kornicki

Jan 24, 2012 05:31 PM
Steve Hoffacker
Steve Hoffacker LLC - West Palm Beach, FL
Certified Aging In Place Specialist-Instructor


Excellent rundown on do's and don'ts that you and Mike put together.. Thanks. :)




Aug 20, 2012 06:44 AM
Steve Hoffacker
Steve Hoffacker LLC - West Palm Beach, FL
Certified Aging In Place Specialist-Instructor


Forgot to thank you for starting the new E/A on A/R group. Good luck with it. I'm in. :)


Aug 20, 2012 06:45 AM

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