More Work for the Victorville High Desert Communities

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                                                       Foxborough Industrial Park is building a Warehouse

  Information was formulated  from the Daily Press on November 16, 2007, by a staff writer:

Eight hundred jobs could be on the way for an agreed project for the Victor Valley community.

Although we are having a housing slump, the commercial side of this is going strong. Ryan Mc Eachron, chairman of the Planning Commission feels that the news is good for Victorville. The new Warehouse will be the size of 17.5 football fields. The building will be built at Ottawa Street and Hesperia Road. The exact number of jobs  for the distribution center has not been formally announced, nor has a end user. But industrial use is needed and developers are looking towards Victorville.

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Bret Graham

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Apr 04, 2010 04:34 PM