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In these past 2 years, 3 out of 5 people I talk to don’t want to list their homes for sale, because they are not worth what they were worth 5, 6 or 7 years ago. They would rather put their life’s plans on hold and wait for the real estate market to come back. How sad that thought is?

It brings to my mind a story that I was told about 20 years ago.

The story was about a man who really got tired of his job, in fact he really never liked it much, but he showed up every day because it paid the bills, helped his family live in a life style they enjoyed and he did what was expected of him.

Thinking and planning for retirement got him through his days, as he held an image of himself, out on the lake, sitting in his small row boat in the bright sun and casting his line out in hopes of catching a fish. The image was so clear and made him so happy, that he didn’t even have to visualize catching a fish. Just sitting out on his boat, no cares in the world, relaxing in the sun, he could let his mind be free of all the pressures of life. I’m sure a few of us could identify with that.

Candlewood Lake, Danbury CT  Well finally, the day came, he finally retires and he heads out to the lake he has envisioned all of these years. He climbs in his boat, and he is prepared with his lunch, his fishing gear, bait and a soft hat to protect him from the sun. Ten minutes later as he is rowing out to the spot he wants to be, he experiences chest pains and then within minutes he has a massive heart attack and dies.

I was only in my mid 40’s when I heard that story and it shook me up. And it has come back to me many times in these last few years. I was divorced 6 years ago and my financial situation is very different because of it. My real estate business is not what it used to be and in many ways life is not as fancy and fun in the ways it used to be.

And yet, today, I hike winter and fall (something I never found time to do), sail on a friend’s boat (instead of my own), eat out less (but cook some incredible meals at home) and appreciate all of the good events that occur every day in my life. I acknowledge and enjoy the people who are part of this life. And I am always seeking to enjoy the sunshine in my life.

I guess this is a long way to say, DON’T WAIT!  If you are not happy with the situation you are living in, if you are thinking it would be nice to move to a warmer climate, or closer to your kids or nearer to other friends who have moved away; or if you want to move to a smaller home without all of the upkeep your current home has or if you just want to explore what it would be like to live somewhere else in the country; DON’T WAIT. DO IT NOW!

Sure the real estate market will come back and values will increase. But you won’t be any younger and who knows how much time will pass. Don’t put your plans on hold waiting for the economy to change. If you can do it and you have to give up a few dollars today, I am quite sure you will make it up in times of life’s enjoyment.