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Being connected 24/7 was supposed to make our lives easier, but it seems as though that’s not the case. Real-estate professionals, especially in this economy often feel that they didn’t get enough done in a day. Being connected in this industry often means responding to work e-mail on our smartphones right up until we go to bed. I recently found an article that addresses this issue and offers advice for all of us to be more productive during the day and help us establish that line between the end of the work day and beginning of our time off.

There’s a lot pressure to do more and more with less and you want what you do to really be effective.

It’s not about how hard you’re working, as we probably know there are a lot of very diligent people who aren’t as productive as they could be because of the way they manage their time.

Always be prepared for extra time. This is a great strategy for increasing productivity. Bring small chunks of work with you wherever you go. Then, while waiting for a meeting to start or for a delayed flight to depart, you’ll be able to reply to an e-mail or make a phone call. In other instances, you might have enough time to review materials for another meeting or project you are working on. If you’re prepared, you can also confirm appointments, draft responses, or map out a project outline.

Change how you manage e-mail. The moment you click on your inbox, your focus goes and your stress grows, as you proceed to delete, respond, forward, and file the messages you find there. You see names and subject lines and suddenly your mind starts racing; all you can think of are the latest projects and the high-priority work that shows up. If you’re not careful, all you’ll do all day is manage your e-mail.

Rather than simply flag e-mails that require action, use the subject lines to catalog and organize them. Also, don’t look at your e-mail unless you have a block of time to devote to prioritizing them and responding to them. When you are going through your e-mail, use subject lines to catalog them and organize them so that you’ll easily be able to go back to less urgent e-mails later on.

Identify the VERBS that need attention. Organize your to-do list by verbs in order to manage your productivity in terms of action, delegation, and progress. Actions such as call, draft, review, and invite are things that you can do, generally in one sitting, that have the potential to move the project forward one step at a time.

We all want to enjoy what we do every day, the problem lies when people are too overwhelmed to make the key changes that will help them. There is no reason to remain mired in frustration and struggling to catch up. With just a few key changes, you can work in a way that feels really good.

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