ActiveRain Blog Posts: The Top 10 of 2011 - Pro to Pro Edition

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What a complete surprise it was to scroll down and see my name – especially listed in the #1 position.  I am very flattered to be listed among some of the best bloggers in the real estate community. Thank you Kerrie Greenhalgh and Active Rain for compiling this list.

For those that were curious about the views - this post had 16929 views and 14828 clicks as of today.  Many loan officers contacted me across the country inquiring about the Loan Officer compensation changes.  Unfortunately, I didn't get any business that I could directly attribute to the article.  :(

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ActiveRain Blog Posts: The Top 10  of 2011 - Pro to Pro Edition

Welcome to the Pro to Pro Edition of the Top 10 Pageviews of 2011.  Thank you all for joining us tonight at this black tie affair.  You all looked wonderful rolling down the red carpet tonight.  Is that Prada?  Vintage?  Oh we'll just have to wait for the next rag mag to fill us in.

We thought it would be interesting to dig into our Google Analytics and find out which blogs had the most pageviews of 2011.  We're breaking it down into 3 different posts: Pro to Pro, Pro to Consumer, and Just For Fun.

Keep in mind these posts were not necessarily written in 2011, they do however possess the most pageviews of any other posts on ActiveRain from Jan 1, 2011 to December 31, 2011. 

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Top 10 Pro to Pro Pageviews of 2011

#10) Can I get an Amen - Job Description for a Real Estate Assistant Julie Beall of Springsboro, OH

 It's easy for successful agents to lose their mind when business is booming.  Thus, agents begin to look at what life would be like with an assistant to handle some of the load.  This post from 2007 really breaks it down and easily helps to identify what an assistant can do for you as an agent.

#9) You're so fine  You've Got to Be Kidding Vanessa Saunders of Nyack, NY

Controversy can be good for exposure.  AR is just the place to vent about your frustrations because odds are someone else has been there done that.  In this post, Vanessa takes us through her correspondence with a client asking her to reduce her commission due to a lower offer on their home. 

#8) Don't be late  37 Ways Not to Suck at Real Estate Bob Stewart of Ann Arbor, MI

Our own Bob Stewart comes in at #8.  The title of this post was captivating along with the security of knowing you're going to find out numerous ways to not suck at real estate.  Bob's post promotes a special webinar with the infamous Ben Kinney providing surefire ways to get your business hot again.

#7) Lucky #7  I Worked So Much I Went Broke Terri Camp of Keller, TX

This title is a definite attention getter.  Written on Halloween, Terri explains her dilemma with office space and how she needed to make a change.  The end of the post leaves us with a question which forces us to look at ourselves and what changes are necessary to ensure we don't work so much we go broke!

#6) is in the mix  Short Sale Information for Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Jonathan Osman of Charlotte, NC

Originally written in 2009, the last update was in April of 2011.  Jonathan lays out exactly what's needed, provides phone and fax numbers and is getting much attention for it.  In comment #269, Jonathan let's us know he's getting calls every week from people using the information on this post. 

#5) Coming to you live   Appraisals vs. BPO's: Can We Please Put an End to this Insanity? Patty Da Silva of Davie, FL

Appraisals and BPOs are hot topics in the business.  Cost vs value is argued here along with Patty trying to wrap her around why thousands of dollars are being lost on short sales/foreclosures yet they're worried about a $400 appraisal. 

#4) and we want more  10 Things Agents Say that Destroy Client Confidence Clint Miller of Missoula, MT

Clint Miller...amazing man who passed away in late 2011 due to cancer.  Clint's writing abiiity transfixes all who come across his work.  In one of his amazing posts, he breaks down how agents are losing their client's confidence.  He does a great job of not sugar-coating it and many people are much better off for that kind of tough love.  RIP Clint, we're still learning from you each day!

#3) Do Re Mi  How Absorption Rate is Figured Kristal Kraft of Denver, CO

I can see many agents, new and old typing this exact title into Google.  This post is over 5 years old yet still gets major hits.  Kristal clearly lays out exactly what she promises to do in her title. 

#2) Has got a clue  I'm Being Reported Jay Markanich of Bristow, VA

Who's being reported?  Why?  Could I be next?  Curious minds want to know and they clicked to find out.  Jay's episode with a certain inspection report had created quite a stir inside and outside our Community.  A man just doing his job yet the sellers, who obviously weren't professional inspectors had a different take on the whole thing.

#1) And now the moment you've all been waiting for.  The #1 blog post......(create a drumroll in your head) know him, you love him....ladies and gents.....David Krushinsky of Phoenix, AZ!!!!! 

David Krushinsky wrote Mortgage Loan Originators, How Will you get Paid after April 1, 2011? which has wowed the Academy Community!!!  Your post has the most pageview of any Pro to Pro in 2011 and we congratulate you sir!!!

What makes this post so darn popular?  It may have something to do with paychecks.  The most important part of most transactions boils down to how we as professionals collect our wages and survive.  This post clearly calls out to mortgage loan officers about the new rules going into effect and he does it 8 months in advance.


To all the winners, amazing work!  Your talents shine through and you make this world more beautiful one post at a time.  For everyone that came out and supported our show tonight, thank you all for getting gorgeous and gracing us   with your presence this evening.  We'll see you at the after parties! 

Stay tuned for Pro to Consumer and Just For Fun editions coming soon!

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COngrats on the placement...if i get 10 comments on a blog I am happy...but then goals may be different than the above average AR contibutors!!

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