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Space near new Google office in Ann Arbor in demand

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Google has created quite a stir in Ann Arbor by bringing its AdWords division to our city.  So far, they have about 40 people working here and have plans to increase that number to around 1000.  Read more here.  The fact that Google has chosen downtown Ann Arbor only further validates that we have a HOT downtown that is still relatively affordable. With 9 Downtown housing developments on the books adding 800 housing units, we are getting just what we need to make our town even more dynamic. 

 Now comes the parking problems and the traffic which I am hoping will lead to ever better public transportation in the city. 


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Andy:  I did not know of that and what an interesting way to market your area now to prospects.  Those 900 persons will need a place to live, if they are from out of town.  I am personally against GOOGLE ADWORDS as a mortgage professional but I am glad to know that your market is hot and getting even hotter.
Dec 18, 2006 01:13 AM
Andy Piper
Ann Arobr real estate-Piperpartners.com - Ann Arbor, MI

Hi, I have tried Adwords with limited success as well.  So much depends on your lead capture and how you use the program.  Bidding on the top key words is a good way to go broke unless you have tons of free cash flow.  Working the "long tail" is the way to go with Ad Words.


Dec 18, 2006 01:23 AM