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This could be you shark fishing but instead we are all blogging:)

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Good Morning America and my family


I have had the oddest late summer, crazy winter of a Realtor/ moms lifetime. My blogs have suffered but one might be able to argue it was for a good cause. The cause being my son and how one simple viral video, of something he does everyday can change a families life.

In late August I was actually cleaning one of my vacation rentals (I had just fired a maid for not doing so hot) when my husband and son called to say they had caught a shark and were very hot. It was super hot outside but they catch sharks every weekend so in my mind I was working.  I did not have the time to go grab them some water for them. Little did I know a 7 foot shark drug my son and husband around in a kayak for an hour. Yes this sounds crazy but this is how you shark fish out of a kayak. My son is 9 and the whole world called CPS and everyone else they could think of but he is studying to be a marine biologist so as you can imagine this was of no concern. We were commended by so many for spending time with our kids and not just sitting them in front of a Wii. My husband is a fellow Realtor (who does not have time to practice now), software engineer in computer security, and was a paramedic so he thinks about things well in advance before taking any chances. He also was an off-shore fishing guide and studied marine biology as well so our son loves this time with his dad. My daughter and I go now a bit but she is still young.  GMA, Fox and Friends and news outlets around the world went wild. Our life became a phone ringing off the hook and it still rings about this all the time. Hunter was recently asked to enter a kayak film festival. Its been an interesting time in our lives.

My son filmed the footage and here is a link to the real video which also shows his other videos and his excitement to study animals period. http://www.sharkboyhunter.com If any danger would have been at hand the shark would have been cut from the line instantly and it is human to leave a circle hook in a sharks mouth.I would appreciate the support of anyone who believes that learning about marine life and conserving it is important.

My blogging may have suffered but  I have to help Hunter in his quest to save sharks and make sure people do not get the wrong idea about this video and what our son spent years learning to do before he stepped foot on that kayak. He has had some great adventures and does not even care to play video games. I love to see a child that wants to read about different sea turtles and learn about the world we should be living in and not stuck connected to via blogging.

As agents we have to blog. Its part of our craft and its important to any future clients. Its important to keep in touch with one another and have something to read from our peers. I vow to blog for myself and have fun with it instead of just talking about the market. I vow to tell people about the fun they really can have if they get away from a computer and act more like my 9 year old.

In the spirit of getting everyone away from their computers I want all agents to know I offer half my commission to you on my vacation rentals. come use it for yourself or refer a family member that needs it. Its not a lot but its a tank of gas and can save you on your hotel tax as well. I even know a kayak guide lol:). If you are reading this as a consumer then take the same advice. get out and explore the world. Yes shark fishing is not everyone cup of tea but we have so much to offer in Galveston and I have great rates to offer everyone.

I will keep blogging but I am enjoying my crazy, busy life, my extremely nice work load in our off season which is a blessing, and my family. Come enjoy yours to. Galveston is really amazing and we have come so far since Ike.

I have a few other vacation rentals coming on board but here is the page where you can find 2 great owners I represent with different offers for anyone who is looking for a nice economical place to stay or that killer gulf view:).  


Have a wonderful day. Look forward to the upcoming Spring and keep whats really important in focus so you can give your clients the best service ever.

Happy Mardi Gras as well.


Hunter and his Bull Red






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I blog because I have to, not because I want to...kind of like doing follow up calls haha.

Jan 27, 2012 01:51 AM
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Great post, thank you!

Have a great day!

Jan 27, 2012 01:52 AM
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Yhanks for sharing!

All the best!

Jan 27, 2012 03:26 AM
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Sending you good wishes and hope that you're doing OK after Hurricane Harvey made landfall in Galveston 

Aug 29, 2017 12:03 AM