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Taft Street Realty - Tech-Savvy Agent & Ulster County, NY Area Expert

What makes a great Ulster County, NY real estate brokerage? That answer has changed over time just as buying & selling real estate has changed, but in short, a tech-savvy local area real estate expert is a start. Certain fundamentals remain constant however. Knowing the area is vitally important. Not simply knowing how to get around, but really understanding the towns and communities that you serve. That kind of knowledge is developed over time and shaped by experience. Conversely, technology has altered the business of real estate forever, and it continues to evolve and change every day. These days, a brokerage must be up to date on the latest technology, and how it can help buyers and sellers. The successful companies are ones that embrace new technology and use it to their advantage!  Rarer still, are brokerages that have capable agents who can handle both pounding the pavement and using the latest and greatest technology available, all at the same time. Taft Street Realty is exactly that!

Local Knowledge - Taft Street Lives to Be Your Hudson Valley Resource!

LaptopTaft Street Realty in the Hudson Valley region combines both old-school values and new-school technology to give clients that perfect balance. We’re lifelong residents of Ulster County, NY, and I've personally traveled to every corner of this beautiful and diverse part of the Catskills. Over the years you begin to learn how each town in Ulster County, NY has its own unique personality. That knowledge (or instinct, we like to say) is used to help clients find a home that’s just right for them. Have a question about a local restaurant or business in the Hudson Valley? Chances are we know about it and can offer some insight. The Hudson Valley region is full of hidden gems tucked away down rarely traveled roads; that’s part of its appeal. Local experts are needed to seek out and find these Ulster County, NY homes for sale, so consider us your local experts!  It takes a lifetime to learn these hills and mountains and the communities that reside around them, and at Taft Street Realty we've put in that time so clients don’t have to!

Embracing Technology – Taft Street Adapts to an Ever-Changing Real Estate Market

New technology has changed things, not just in real estate, but in the way we do everything in our lives. How we shop, pay bills, even how we earn our livings has changed. Furthermore, technology has changed how we communicate and has an ever-growing influence on our lifestyles. Now, consider the process buying or selling a home in Ulster County, NY. This transaction is often the biggest investment or sale that most people will make in their lifetimes, and it too has drastically changed. 

iPhoneCertainly, buying a home in the Hudson Valley has changed; with studies showing that most buyers begin their search online. Buyers these days will do months of their own research before even contacting an agent. Gone are the days when buyers would walk into an office and inquire about the local market. There are very few, if any, walk-ins these days and almost everything is done online, including all records of MLS listings. With new mapping, and GPS technology, a buyer can learn everything they need to know about a home for sale in Ulster County, NY right up to getting a bird's eye view of the entire area. Buyers must remember though that they always have to view properties in person, and this is where having the right agent is critical.

And if you're selling your home in Ulster County, NY - you'll want it to be easy to find on the Internet; not to mention amazing to look at, with good pictures and professional presentation. It used to be about print ads, but no more. Sure, we still work with have proven to be influential publications, but these days people read less and less print ads and go straight to the source online. Marketing a Hudson Valley home for sale online is more than posting a little Craigslist ad. Now there are major websites such as Zillow, or Trulia - which serve as virtual hubs that streamline buyers to whatever listings these sites deem worthy. If a home that's for sale is not prominent on all of these sites, then it's missing an enormous number of potential buyers. From marketing on down to the cameras agents use to photograph a listing, technology has changed the way we sell homes. If a brokerage doesn't have this understanding and capability, they will not survive in today's market.

Using Technology to Save Time - But Also to Stay in Touch

Taft Street LogoNew technology has also brought with it an information overload, especially with regards to real estate. How much time is spent clicking through endless listings, and when you finally inquire about one that has sparked your interest, it's either sold, gone, or not worth looking into? Save the most valuable thing of all, time, by working with someone that can find you the listings worth checking out. Finally, a crucial part of real estate has been drastically changed by technology and that is communication. At Taft Street Realty we don't try and call you back the next day, we try and call you back the next minute! Remind us again what office hours are? We live & breathe real estate and have the systems in place to be reachable at almost any time. What about all of those essential documents that have to be sent to this attorney or signed by that mortgage broker? Taft Street Realty's got the fastest and best and safest way to store and transmit important documents. We embrace new technology, master it, and constantly prepare for the next big thing! Systems are the driving force behind Taft Street and keep the business running like a well-oiled machine. At Taft Street Realty we understand that being consistent is extremely important. It doesn't matter whether you are buying a mobile home or a million dollar estate, all operations are the same and every client is treated equally. And technology has helped us keep it that way!

Sometimes it seems like brokerages have agents who may know the country roads, but can't get around a desktop computer. If not, you'll find a whiz that can e-mail you 1,000 listings a day, but has never left the desk to see what's out there. At Taft Street Realty we provide that refreshing and rare mix of both, to help buyers and sellers in Ulster County, NY achieve their goals!  So when the time is right, reach out to us as your tech-savvy Ulster County Real  Estate Expert!!


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