Compassion through the eyes of a child

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So there are only two teams left vying for the coveted LOMBARDI TROPHY.


Last week there were four teams...this week it's two. 

The games last week were VERY good.  Very competitve.  The NFC Championship came down to really two mistakes made by one young player. 

Kyle Williams. 

Not many know this but Kyle Williams has been around BIG TIME sports for a while...his Dad is Kenny Williams played professional baseball with the White Sox, Blue Jays, Tigers, Expos and has most recently been the General Manager of the White Sox.    So he's no stranger to the glaring spotlight but this was different because he's a young player and this was his spotlight. 

He botched two punt returns...resulting in points for the Giants.  Many fans took to the internet to degrade and maul him.  Even death threats were made on Twitter as the 49'ers lost to the Giants last weekend.


One seven year old fan was so mad.  So frustrated and in tears.  He couldn't understand "why did he have to drop it!?"

His father asked him, if you're that upset, how do you think HE feels?  

That was enough to turn the tide of anger for this little seven year old. 

He wrote a letter to Kyle Williams, showing class and style and a compassion that sets the example for the rest of us.  


Letter to Kyle Williams

Dear Mr. Williams, We just watched the playoff game.  I feel really bad for you but I wanted to tell you that you had a great season.  you should be very proud so I wanted to say thank you.  I am your #1 FAN!



I'm blown away by the compassion this child showed in writing this letter.  I think we could all learn a lesson in compassion for those around us from this child!


Have a great day!

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