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 On November 6 approximately 320 people filled the school gym in New Durham to learn about the proposed 157 unit subdivision.


Residents watched an hour long presentation followed by a time of Q&A.




The project is proposed to be an open space conservation subdivision.  This means that there would be a minimum of 50 percent of the subdivision would be preserved as open space.  McNeill, the attorney for Red Oak Ridge LLC, said that they would preserve at least 75 percent of the 2038 acres as open space.


So what will this development look like?


94 single family homes will be clustered in the middle of the developed area and 63 duplexes will be arranged to the north and to the south.  Houses will be grouped in little villages with community septic systems.


Minimal land clearing will take place to improve views.  The residents will be able to enjoy the open space with the use of bike paths and walking trails.


McNeill said the developer is assuming that the larger lots will be in the range of $300,000-$400,000 while most of them will sell for around $150,000.


There were a number of questions and concerns that were raised.


  1. Does the plan conform to or exceed zoning requirements?
  2. Does the 75 percent open space actually exceed the 50 percent ordinance since the 50 percent is based on buildable area?
  3. Could the board allow a subdivision on a designated class VI road?
  4. What typed of soil mapping is needed for the Department of Environmental Services and NH Fish and Game?
  5. How would the development affect the water quality of Merrymeeting Lake?
  6. What about erosion and flooding downhill on South Shore Road?
  7. What about the impact of adding so many more students to the school system?
  8. How will that affect the taxes?
  9. It was estimated that the roads would cost $50,000 a year to maintain.


Following the discussion McNeill said he would review the comments and concerns with the developer.  The next step in the process is submitting a formal application for subdivision.  The earliest that this would be able to be reviewed by the planning board is January 8.

Source: The Baysider

by Kim Carpenter, Lake Winnipesaukee REALTOR, Lakes Region real estate, New Hampshire 

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