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Hunting Real Estate properties Klickitat County can be very rewarding with an abundance of wildlife like black tail deer, Elk, Turkey, pheasant, Quail, Bear, Cougar, Coyote, Rabbit, Ducks, Geese, Grouse, Hungarian Partridge and Quail. Here is infomation about Game hunting units in Klickitat County and Hunting Properties in those Game units.
Hunting Property Klickitat County
Game unit information, click on the GMU for Unit Map: Click here for Washington state GMU Map

This game unit runs along North Line of Klickitat County starting from Hwy 97 on the East side to the East side of Bickleton Washington than South to the Columbia River, back west along the Oregon/Washington border and klickitat county border back to hwy 97 and than north running along the east side of hwy 97 as it cuts throught klickitat County and Goldendale Washington. Lots of private land holdings and Timber company in this unit. This Game Unit cover the following cities: Goldendale, Bickleton, Alderdale, Roosevelt Washington.
This Game unit runs West from Hwy 97 along the north line of Klickitat County to the Klickitat River than follows the klickitat river South to the Columbia River than back East along the Oregon/Washington and Klickitat County border back to hwy 97 than running north on the west side of hwy 97 as it passes through Goldendale Washington to the northern line of Klickitat County. This unit has Klickitat County's Wildlife Area Soda Springs in it and thousands of acres of Timber Company Land which much is open to hunting just no motorized vehicles. This unit has lots of blacktail/mulie cross-deer and is effectively managed as a mule deer area. Soda Springs Unit is about 13,000 acres and provides excellent riparian habitat for deer and Turkeys. This Game Unit covers the following cities: Goldendale, Centerville, Wishram, Dallesport, Murdock, Lyle, High Prairie, Klickitat, Wahkiacus Washington.

This unit only covers approx 15 sections (640 acres per section) of Land in Klickitat County Around the Trout Lake area which is well known for it's Elk and Bear Hunting. The areas just south of Mt Adams are well known for the berry fields. There are tons of roads in this unit and the key to finding deer is to get on a 5-10 year old clearcut, get out of the truck, and hunt the fringes. The amount of logging occurring on the Gifford Pinchot has been slowing down over the years and is allowing for prime deer habitat to become more grown over and less browse is available. But, still the amount of land and access in this unit should provide anyone wanting to get out and hike, quite a bit of opportunity to find deer. This Game Unit covers the following cities: Trout Lake Washington for Klickitat County.

This Game unit in Klickitat County Covers West of Hwy 141 up to the 560 lewis river unit and along it's south line West to the Klickitat County West Border than South along the county border to the Columbia River, i only described the portion of this unit that lies in Klickitat County. The towns this game unit covers in Klickitat County are BZ corner,Husem and White Salmon but only on the west side of Hwy 141. Lots of huckleberries means lots of bears and turkeys. There are good populations of deer in here, fairly open underbrush. Lots of hunters in this unit during the early season. This Game Unit covers the following cities: Trout Lake, BZ Corner, Husem Washington in Klickitat County.

This unit runs from the Klickitat River North to the Northerm Klickitat County Border east to Hwy 141 than south along the 141 to the Columbia River back east along the Oregon/Washington border back to the Klickitat River.Try out Conboy Lake National Wildlife Refuge. This has again thousands of Timber company lands that are open to hunting just no motorized vehicles. Lots of Private land in this unit and a nice size deer and elk harvest. Go knocking on some doors in the off season and perhaps secure a nice little piece of private deer hunting land. This game unit covers the following towns: Glenwood, Appleton, Snowden, Klickitat, Wahkiacus; East side of BZ corner, husem, white salmon; Southern areas of Trout Lake; West side of Lyle.


Klickitat County Bird Hunting

2006 Harvest = (Ducks - 1905) (Geese - 321) (Pheasants - 484) (Grouse - 1500) (Quail - 1316)
2007 Harvest = (Ducks - 1088) (Geese - 680) (Pheasants - 570) (Grouse - 1569) (Quail - 1279)
2008 = Ducks -1911 Geese -366 Pheas -387 Grouse -599 Quail -1674 Hun -253 Dove -216 Chuckar -246
2009 = Ducks -6859 Geese -728 Pheas -616 Grouse -1620 Quail -1283 Hun -253 Dove -235 Chuckar -298
2010 = Ducks -2303 Geese -817 Pheas -317 Grouse -971 Quail -393 Hun -298 Dove -58 Chuckar -36

Small Munsterlander Club of North America: Pacific Northwest Hunting
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The Washington Wildlife and Recreation Program provides funding for a broad range of land protection and outdoor recreation, including park acquisition and development, habitat conservation, farmland preservation, and construction of outdoor recreation facilities.
The Washington Wildlife and Recreation Program was envisioned as a way for the state to accomplish two goals: Acquire valuable recreation and habitat lands before they were lost to other uses and develop recreation areas for a growing population.
This landmark legislation, passed in 1990, and subsequent funding have come about through the support of Governors, the Legislature, and groups such as the many organizations comprising the Washington Wildlife and Recreation Coalition.
The Firearms and Archery Range Recreation Program provides funding for projects that acquire, develop, and renovate firearm range and archery training and practice facilities.
The program was created by the Legislature in 1990 after a report assessing the needs of law enforcement, sports groups, and the general public identified a need for a program and funding to support shooting facilities. is owned and managed by Janeece Smith, Realtor, Klickitat Valley Realty, Inc. cell 509-261-1618, email: This site is about Hunting klickitat county, hunt, properties, property, buy, sell, real estate, listings, search, find, land, hunting ranches in goldendale, bickleton, centerville, klickitat, husem, wakiacus, lyle, high prairie, trout lake, glenwood washington.

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