Linda Pearson, Leading Las Vegas Short Sale Agent for Las Vegas, Henderson, and North Las Vegas Short Sales, Announces New Affiliation With Wardley Real Estate

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Linda Pearson, A Leading Las Vegas Real Estate Agent and Specialist in Short Sales in Las Vegas, Henderson, and North Las Vegas, announces she has ended her affiliation with Coldwell Banker, in order to refocus her resources to “better serve her local Las Vegas, Henderson and North Las Vegas real estate clients.”  Her goal is to create the best total experience for her real estate customers.  Linda Pearson’s new business association is with Wardley Real Estate, associated with Leading Real Estate Companies of the World, a world –wide network of brokers and agents dedicated to being…”Positively the Best Decision in Las Vegas Real Estate.”

Linda Pearson, leading short sale expert and specialist in Las Vegas, Henderson and North Las Vegas has been specializing in Nevada and Las Vegas Short Sales for several years now.  Most recently even the more difficult short sales with Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Chase, and many others, have had the normal deficiency language removed after Linda Pearson has been the short sale real estate agent negotiating the transaction. Many Short Sale Approval Letters from lenders have always included language stating that these lenders reserve the right to collect the debt (the difference of what the buyer paid for the home and what the seller owed on the loan) from the seller. Linda Pearson actually negotiates with the lenders to ultimately achieve a short sale approval that states that the deficiency is being waived.

Many Las Vegas homeowners have mortgages which exceed the fair market value of their home. The fact is that mortgage companies and lenders realize that the real estate market in Las Vegas has taken a very negative turn in respect to real estate values.  Many Las Vegas homeowners believe that the mortgage companies and lenders can automatically foreclose on a home.  The fact is that a Las Vegas Short Sale can help Las Vegas, Henderson and North Las Vegas homeowners avoid a Las Vegas Foreclosure, but only when a true Las Vegas Real Estate Agent, who has one of the highest success rates in Las Vegas Short Sales is working with the negative equity homeowner, and negotiating on their behalf.

Linda Pearson, leading Las Vegas Short Sale Specialist actually has been approached by other Las Vegas Real Estate Agents, to in fact, help their own clients with Las Vegas Short Sales.  Many leading Las Vegas Real Estate Agents use Linda Pearson, everyday to successfully negotiate all of their short sales. 

The new business association with Wardley Real Estate will provide Linda Pearson with better resources dedicated to providing more marketing dollars being spent on the local Las Vegas Short Sale clients.  The association of Wardley Real Estate with Leading Real Estate Companies of the World will provide a better opportunity for world-wide exposure to buyers and investors coming into the Las Vegas Real Estate market.  This new affiliation provides a WIN-WIN situation for everyone!  Linda Pearson’s success in the Las Vegas Real Estate Market, is largely due to the fact that Linda Pearson is always conscious of what is needed for her client to be happy. 

Linda Pearson’s newest decision to affiliate with Wardley Real Estate, will now allow her clients to enjoy…”Positively the Best Decision In Las Vegas Real Estate!”


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