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Feng Shui is an ancient system implemented by many cultures (especially by the Chinese) as a way to build a bridge of communication between the land, the home and it's occupants in order to create a supporting and harmonious environment to live.


FENG SHUI & COLOR is the easiest way to activate GOOD QI (Chi)
Lupe Soto Realtor uses feng shui & color TO LIST TO SELL faster with results!


The goal of FENG SHUI is to UNITE time, space, people & their environment.

Call for a complimentary consultation Real Estate & Feng Shui makes the perfect couple!


How to BUY a house, condo or investment with good feng shui? 


How to SELL faster & TOP dollar using feng shui? 

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Feng Shui & Color


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ABOUT FENG SHUI BUYING & FENG SHUI SELLING:  Feng Shui is NOT about philosophy, astrology, religion or superstition. Feng Shui is the study of ENERGY and how Energy IMPACTS our lives, homes, offices, listings and careers.


It is not surpise that famous people like Oprah, Trump, Tiger & Spielberg, along with the largest companies of the world such as Coca-Cola, Sony, Shell, Procter & Gamble, Citibank & others "actively" EMBRACE FENG SHUI.   These companies & people practive Feng Shui principles as a way to ADD VALUE to their service, to increase their profitability, create harmonious relations amoung employees, and to reduce employee turnover.  Not only that, Feng Shui differenties them from their competitors while multiplying their earning & free time.


Feng Shui Home Buying - Feng Shui Home Selling - A Magic Way to BUY & SELL Real Estate ! 

Purchasing real estate is perhaps one of the largest investments you'll ever make.  Smart buyers consider all aspects of the property to determine if the investment will be sound or not.  Feng Shui plays a key role in determining the positive and negative attributes of the property, whether or not you intend to live or work there.

Determining in advance if a home or office is going to be overall supportive or non-supportive to you can save you a great deal of money, frustration and potential health problems in the long run.  Just because a home or office looks beautiful and/or has a wonderful view, does not mean that it is ideal for you.

Remember positive energy attracts positive energy.  If you are interested in using Feng Shui, make sure your Realtor appreciates your interest.  Luckily more and more Realtors are learning about Feng Shui to better serve their clients.

Partnering with Lupe Soto Realtor will provide YOU the Feng Shui knowledge to make a more informed decision about a particular property.


TO PURCHASE PROPERTIES THAT SUPPORT YOU AND YOUR FAMILY. Please call Lupe Soto Realtor & Feng Shui Practitioner at (818)276-6882  serving areas:  Los Angeles County, San Fernando Valley & Noth Los Angeles including Santa Clarita, Palmdale, Lancaster. 


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#RealEstateFengShui #LupeSotoFengShui 



Here are just a few to suggestions to help you buy, sell, rent or lease your next home. If you are interested in using Feng Shui, make sure your Realtor appreciates your interest. Luckily more and more Realtors are learning about Feng Shui to better serve their clients. For a list of suggested reading please contact Lupe.

  • Buy a new house or "Auspicious" house.  A new home does not have a history.  this is the best choice. However, if you are looking at pre-owned homes, buy one from someone that is moving into a bigger home, got a promotion or has won the lotto.  These are good feng shui and positive energy.

    Houses that are for sale from divorce, foreclosure. serious illness or death, these are not the best choice. You may be inheriting these problems or the huse might be the problem. Avoid these kinds of homes.
  • The inside of the house:  Make sure bedrooms are not over a garage, kitchen, laundry area or open space below. Also be sure there are NO bathrooms over a dining area or kitchen. This can cause illness in the house. Look at the arrangement of bedrooms to bathrooms so that beds won't share a common wall with a toilet.
  • Get support. Your best choice is for land to either be level or have a rise at the back of the house. Land that falls away at the back of the house creates loss and difficulties getting recognition and promotion. If the house has a building or a hill at its back, then it is supported.

  • Open up. If the house faces open land or has a wide, open area in front of it, then it has the "bright hall effect." This is extremely auspicious. Think of the White House in Washington with the large expanse of lawn in the front or the front of the grand Biltmore House in Asheville, North Carolina.

    Another tip, the house should not be overwhelmed by landscaping. If there is a tree too close to the house, especially if it is in line with the front door, this is not good and will prevent opportunities for the homeowner. Consider removing the tree. Also, if plants and shrubs look like they're taking over the house (either planted too closely or growing on the walls), consider removing these as well and replanting elsewhere. A house should not be smothered by the landscaping.

  • Look both ways before buying. What's to the right and left of the house? Is there a house or building that seems to impose itself on this house? If the house or the land on your left is higher, this is good, as it is tapping the dragon energy. It is auspicious if the house to your left (as you look out of the house) is in the East. Is there a house with a pointed roof, a corner of the home pointed at your front door, etc., or aimed at the house?

    Be sure to look at the approach to the house. Is it in a cul-de-sac? If the road ends at a straight line to the house, this is NOT auspicious. Also, houses with a road behind and in front of the house suffer, and corrections can't be made for these. Long straight driveways that end at the house, or roads that stop at the house, are another problem, but can be corrected with plants or mirrors.

  • Southwest and Northwest? These are the two most important directions in a home. The Northwest should never have an a gas stove or fireplace. If there is one there, move on to another house. This is feng shui taboo. To have a home such as this is to invite severe difficulties for the man of the house.

    The Southwest is the position of the woman or mother of the house. If there is a storeroom or bathroom located here, there could be marital difficulties and unhappiness. Consult with a feng shui practitioner if you are already a homeowner.

  • Bedroom Location:  Ensure the bedrooms are suitable for family members based on their individual KUA numbers. Remember not everyone is able to sleep in a sector with good flying stars. But it is just as important to sleep in the room which is favorable to your kua number. Southeast, East, North and South sector rooms are suitable for people of Kua numbers 1, 3, 4 and 9.  West, Northwest, Southwest and Northeast sector rooms are suitable for people of Kua numbers 2, 5, 6, 7 and 8.  Be sure the bed headboards are able to be positioned to tap one of the individual person's auspicious directions without being positioned in an awkward or diagonal fashion.  How to calculate your kua number.


#RealEstateFengShui #LupeSotoFengShui 


Do you plan to sell your house soon? Or maybe your house is for sale already but there are no offers? Use feng shui to speed up the house sale process.

Go over the feng shui basics for a successful house sale, and, most importantly, always be aware of the powerful feng shui triangle when selling your home: the Kitchen, the Bathroom and the Bedroom.

Buyers need to know they will sleep well, eat well, and unwind well if they choose to buy your home. This need is often felt on a subconscious level, which makes it even more powerful.

What if you did everything right, feng shui-wise and still nothing has changed? Check to see if you are really ready to let go...

As everything is energy, your strong attachment to the house will definitely prevent a quick house sale. This applies for houses for sale with tenants.  Most of the time, tenants do not want the sale to happen and this will prevent a quick sale.  Think about this and call Lupe Soto, Feng Shui Realor for Buyers & Sellers. 

Lupe Soto, Feng Shui Realtor for Buyers & Sellers.  Lupe is available to help you buy or sell your next home  in Burbank, San Fernando Valley, Palmdale, Antelope Valle in Los Angeles County with good feng shui.  I will assist You in activating your Water Star 8 by energizing the sector occupied by the flying Water Star 8. Locating this star depends on the facing direction of the house, because Water 8 changes location according to the period of the house. Once you have determined its location however, activating it correctly will enable your money luck to take root and blossom.   I use my compass to locate it.  I also activate the helpful corner of your home.

ACTIVATE GOOD LUCK with Element of Water  
Place a water feature with a ball (find one in ChinaTown) best location to place it
North, East or South East (universal money sector) add a bamboo plant next to it.

Activate Luck with fengs shui real estate

#RealEstateFengShui #LupeSotoFengShui 

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Ernie Cabrera
REAL ESTATE AMERICA - Ernie Cabrera - Elk Grove, CA
Real Estate America
Lupe, thank you for your post and the information you provided.
Nov 18, 2007 08:07 PM #1
Leslie Prest
Leslie Prest, Prest Realty, Sales and Rentals in Payson, AZ - Payson, AZ
Owner, Assoc. Broker, Prest Realty, Payson,
Well, OK, we bought a house a few years ago which was a repo, AND it slopes away to the back. Both things that aren't good according to Feng Shui. The house has been a blessing, and our finances and health have never been better.
Feng Shui rules are too rigid. That said, some houses certainly have problems. Most houses just feel neutral, some houses feel great, some feel awful. When we bought our house I didn't like the look from the street much, but I walked around inside (ugly paint, mis-matched tile) and in spite of everything said to my husband "this is our house". We once had a rental which we managed which was in the "feels awful" category- I swear, every renter we put in there ended up trashing the place, even if they checked out fine before we rented to them.
Nov 19, 2007 05:19 AM #2
Kris Krajecki
Kris Krajecki - FOX VALLEY MORTGAGE - Huntley, IL - Huntley, IL
Mortgage Broker Huntley, IL


WOW!! that sure is A LOT to take in!!!

This would never fly in the Midwest!

God bless Calfornia.


Nov 19, 2007 02:05 PM #3
Gita Bantwal
RE/MAX Centre Realtors - Warwick, PA
REALTOR,ABR,CRS,SRES,GRI - Bucks County & Philadel
I have read a book on feng shui so I can understand the needs of clients who are interested in it.
Nov 20, 2007 01:16 AM #4
James Villa
Realtor - Manager with REA

Lupe, thanks for the interesting blog and hello from Northern California.

Nov 20, 2007 12:24 PM #5
Lupe Soto-Realtor
Colonial Realty Group - Los Angeles, CA
Listing, Selling, Feng Shui in San Fernando Valle


Greetings to everyone. I have been away for few days due to Thanksgiving. I wanted to thank all for stopping by and reading feng shui tips and info.

 Leslie, I am glad you are experiencing blessings in your home.  feng shui do's and don'ts are part of balancing success, another factor is the orientation of the house, location of your bedroom according to your personal auspicious directions. Cyclical nature of luck, the chinese believe that luck is a cyclical  phenomenon and there are good as good as bath months through the year.  god months are times to be confident of success and good chi energy, since that is when opportunites ripen for us. Bad  months are when we should lie low, as that is when setbacks and dissapointments frustrate us. That is also when we need to be extra careful.  Feel free to email me if you have any questions.

 Kris from Midwest, thank you for stopping by.

Gita, feng shui books and knowledge is a great tool for Realtors. glad you enjoy it. thanks for stopping by.

James, thank you so much for your nice comments and posts.  have a productive week!

To all Realtors, in case you need to find out how to sell a property quickly by activating feng shui, please email info to give you an idea how to?  blessings to all. Lupe, The Feng Shui Lover & Follower.

Nov 29, 2007 06:16 AM #6
Abby Roselli
ALR Home Staging and Showcasing, LLC - Staten Island, NY
Staten Island Home Stager
Question:  What do you do with a couple with opposite kua #'s?  What is the best way to work that out?  I'm only familiar with some of Feng Shui and would love to know more. 
Dec 02, 2007 10:10 AM #7

Acquiring a property is one of the most important decisions anyone can make in a lifetime. Buying or selling real estate can be so overwhelming, especially, when you don’t know what property to choose or what to do when searching for a new home. Selling a home, scouting out a new location for a business, or buying multiple properties is when you should not only hire a qualified real estate agent, but a Feng Shui expert as well. Yet; the optimal time to call in a Feng Shui expert is even before a home is built.
Some people say they have a gut feeling when they find the right property; they just know they’re at home. But, why not have some basis to form that feeling. Your gut is probably a good indication that you’re on the right track and the property is the right choice for you; nevertheless, the placement and direction of the home or business, in question, can be analyzed before a purchase is made. This gives you more than a gut feeling; it gives you choice information.
A lot of Feng Shui problems can be prevented in the planning stage. Before committing designs onto paper, Feng Shui Real Estate can consult with you on optimising the flow of beneficial energy throughout your home or development. The result can be more profitable for you, as the character of your venture will improve; thereby drawing increased favourable consideration from potential buyers.Is it a Superstition? It really doesn't matter. What does matter is that if you are a builder it behooves you to know Feng-Shui as it relates to building. Whether you believe in it or not, feng-shui is seen by millions as an ancient science full of philosophy and practical wisdom.For more view-

Apr 29, 2008 07:41 PM #8
Maria Weston
Fort Lauderdale, FL

Very interesting, Lupe. Thank you for the post!

I am a Feng Shui consultant too, and as you mention in your post I can see how much is increasing the interest in Feng Shui, specially in these times when people are more open to ideas about good energy, abundance and balance.

I think Feng Shui is not rigid. You don't have to change everything and do it "by the book". You can use some "cures" (like mirrors, little glass balls, plants, pictures, etc) to balance and to attract good energy. The key is do it visualizing the good things you want for you, for your business, for your family, health, etc.

Last weekend I went to a client's house. She wanted Feng Shui for the house that she and her husband are renting. When I parked my car in front of my client's house, the neighbor's house attracted my attention and I had a "bad feeling".

I did not mention anything to my client until we went outside to see the Love Area in her yard. I couldn't resist more and I asked her for the neighbors: Do you have a good relationship with them?" I asked with my biggest smile. "No -she answered- I did not meet them because they left the house before I arrived here. I just know that the man of the house committed suicide"

You can imagine my face. My client of course was not going to change the place of the house. So we worked with many cures, that really brought a different atmosphere for her.

Let me suggest a book: "Feng Shui for your Home", Sarah Shurety,  is a wonderful book. And remember a sales secret: LOOK FOR THE BENEFITS OF FENG SHUI IN ALL YOUR REAL ESTATE PROPERTIES AND MENTION THEM TO THE BUYER (SPECIALLY TO THE LADY OF THE FAMILY). Trust me, it can work at the moment of making decisions

Have a wonderful weekend


Apr 02, 2010 06:59 AM #9
Twyla Hollett
Homelife Benchmark Realty (WR) - Surrey, BC

Great post and full of a lot of useful tips for family, friends and potential clients.  The great thing about feng shui is that anyone can make use of it, it is not only an asian energy source.  I have used it many times when I stage my clients homes and they sell quickly.  I have even made subtle changes in my own home and my husband noticed the shift in energy.  Thanks for spreading the word!

Jul 13, 2011 11:38 AM #10
Courtney Cooper
Ben Kinney Brokerages Leadership at our Keller Williams North Seattle Office - Seattle, WA

Lupe Soto  - this is some SERIOUS information in your post - wow!  It is always so confusing to me :)  New house makes a lot of sense.  hope you have a great weekend!

Aug 23, 2014 04:39 AM #12
Jeremy K. Frost
Keller Williams Realty - Dripping Springs, TX
Associate Broker, CNE, CRS, ePro, PSA

This is really great information. Thank you for sharing and best of luck!

Aug 24, 2014 12:19 AM #13
Pamela Seley
West Coast Realty Division - Murrieta, CA
Residential Real Estate Agent serving SW RivCo CA

Lupe, you have a lot of detailed information here. I worked with a home buyer who couldn't have a stove in the NW, which I was unfamiliar. I use the flying stars feng shui method to calculate numbers of a home. I currently live in a 5/9 home and it's just terrible. No matter how many times something is fixed it does not stay fixed! There are electrical problems with this home and makes sense because it is a 5/9, and reverse numbers. I have put some remedies in place to mitigate the dangers of a 5/9 home.

5/9 homes are generally homes investors buy because they are the lowest priced homes on the market (1) they are usually in poor condition, or distressed properties and (2)  people intuitively don't want them! I'm moving next year and it won't be a 5/9 home, that's for sure!! I'm praying to find a 1/6/8 or 4/1. They're out there. Have to have patience though. 

Aug 24, 2014 06:06 AM #14

Very impressive Ithink i could use your help to guide me I just don't know how reasonable you would be

Oct 10, 2015 10:09 AM #15
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