Shreveport and Bossier Markets are great!

Real Estate Agent with Friestad Realty

The news would have Real Estate agents believing that the market here has gone to the pot!  The best advice I can give to agents in Northwest Louisiana is to turn the news off and stop reading the newspaper.  After pulling all the numbers from the past three years, here is what is really going on in our market.  Comparing Jan 1st through October 31st 2006 to the same months of 2007 we have seen a 4.1% decrease in closed transactions.  That means that there has been almost no change in our market.  Buyers are buying and sellers are selling.  Over 8000 transactions have closed in our little market in both 2006 and 2007.  With the average sales price of $140,000 for both years, that is a lot of business that someone is closing!  If you are listening to the media and believing that our market has dropped, you are probably missing out on your fair share of income.

To every agent in the Shreveport and Bossier City area:  If you or your brokerage is not thriving in this market, it may be time to call our office and begin again!  You can find me at

Here is to another great real estate year!


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