The Nest Thermostat is Smart Energy Saving Technology

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The Nest thermostat is smart enough to figure out how to operate without you. This is very cool way to manage energy use while maintaining comfort. Most people find that they need to increase the temperature in their home by just one or two degrees first thing in the morning or when the sun goes down. Most people also find that they need to turn down the thermostat before going to bed.


What makes the Nest thermostat different from other programmable wall units is the ability to learn. The first week you have it, you will manually change the temperature as you need to. This information will go into the memory of the unit and then the information will be analyzed in order to come up with a schedule that suits you.


Learning your patterns is a new form of operational technology in the heating industry. There are appliances like water softeners that can do similar feats, and the energy savings actually amounts to more than you might think. Timely adjustments are the key to maximizing your savings.


Most of the time you probably wait until you notice that you're chilly or someone in the household complains about the temperature, which typically means the ambient temperature is already starting to drop. It simply may not have registered with the thermostat yet. This often depends on the location of the thermostat. By adjusting the temperature setting just before the chill of the evening sets in your furnace will actually work a lot less.


The same applies in reverse for the night time setting. By turning down the temperature just before the scheduled bedtime, the chances of the furnace running in the surrounding time frame is drastically reduced. This means your furnace may be able to skip a full cycle, adding up to more energy savings.


The Nest thermostat also prevents those times when you forget to turn down the heat at night. Instead of waking up at 3 in the morning feeling too hot and dehydrated, only to remember to go turn the heat down, you will be sure to have a comfortable night's sleep while saving energy on schedule.


The Nest is very easy to install, although the company can arrange installation for you. They equate the process to changing a light bulb. A quick and easy change of the unit can make a huge difference in your energy savings as well as your overall comfort in your home. A Nest thermostat gives you an advantage over the traditional or even the digital controls that don't have automatic adjustments. 

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