10 Ways to Make Prospecting Emails More Effective

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The object of an e-mail is NOT to get it opened and read. The object is to get a response.

As you probably already know, most decisions we make are based on “EMOTION”. Use specific words, sequences, and phrases in your email copy to dramatically improve your response rate.

10 Ways to Make Prospecting Emails More Effective:

  1. Start your e-mails with the words: “As you are reading this, you will discover ___________ (then fill in the blank with your message). That sets the emotional lure for what is to follow.
  2. Start by giving the recipient no choice but to read it by catching their interest with the subject line. reic coaching
  3. Ask provocative questions.
  4. Make the reader curious.
  5. Include “value-driven” engagement – perceived value to the reader.
  6. Include a free “hook” offer that promises “value first.”
  7. Avoid any reader obligation.
  8. Offer new information.
  9. It should have the lure of an answer about something the reader wants.
  10. It meets a “now need” that the reader has (great timing).

In today’s business world, you have no choice but to be seen, known and perceived as a professional of value if you want to differentiate yourself, make the sale and build lasting relationships.

Every sales oriented e-mail that you send should answer this question for the reader:  “WHERE’S THE VALUE?”

For help implementing any of the steps above, contact Certified Real Estate Coach Steve Gutstein for some free advice and inspiration!

Steve Gutstein

Certified Real Estate Coach @ REIC

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Kevin A. Guttman-Author, ReverseMortgageSpecialist
NMLS #384936 - Colorado Springs, CO

This is EXCELLENT! Thank you for such a clear and consise 'road map' to writing effective prospecting emails! Great job!

Jan 31, 2012 03:01 AM
Jark Krysinski *PREC (Personal Real Estate Corporation)

Great post! A lot of detailed and clear information from your post. They are useful and helpful for me. Thanks for sharing with us!

Thank you John and have a good day!

Feb 09, 2012 06:34 AM